How to make wire ornaments | DIY tutorial

A simple tutorial on how to make wire ornaments for your Christmas tree or decorate your home this holiday season.

Are you looking for a unique way to decorate your Christmas tree this season? Have you ever thought about making custom ornaments? 

There are many different ways to make an ornament, but this tutorial is about how to make wire ornaments. 

They’re simple and elegant, and they complement any holiday decor. And they are easier to make than you would think!

make wire ornaments

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DIY Wire ornaments



  • hammer
  • wire cutters
  • printer


The first step is deciding on your design. I chose two classics: a star and a Christmas tree.

To find the template, I searched the internet for black and white clip art for the object I wanted. Then, I saved the image to my computer.

I would recommend resizing the object so that it is around 4″ to 5″. You can make whatever size you would like, as long as it fits on your wooden board.

Once you have the image you want, print the object onto paper. Trim to the size of the board.

homemade wire ornaments supplies

SIDE NOTE: You can also get creative and freehand the design!


Once you’ve printed your design, attach the paper to the scrap board with tape. I would recommend placing enough tape so the paper does not move around.

And don’t worry about centering the paper perfectly on the board. 


To build your template, place nails onto the design wherever there is a point or an arc. Also, place the nails anywhere else you need to give the template the correct shape.

nail for wire ornaments

TIP: Place a nail on the inside of a point and the outside of the indent point.


Unroll the decorative wire, leaving about 1-1/2″ to 2″ at the top of the template. This is so you can secure the end of the wires together.

Then, start wrapping the wire around the template following the paper design, alternating between going over and under the nails.

wire ornament template

TIP: To give you a better point, wrap the wire around the nail, pull it firmly, then move to the next nail. See the video for an example of this.

Once you return to the start, wrap the beginning end around the wire. Then, remove the wire design from the template.

Adjust anything that you feel needs to be adjusted to get the shape you want. Then, create your hook and cut the wire with wire cutters.

Repeat the steps to create another wire ornament using the same template.

To use a different template, you can remove the nails or use a new board.

These wire ornaments will look beautiful on any tree and you can even include them on wreaths or other holiday decorations. Have fun with it!

custom wire ornaments

I hope this tutorial helps you make wire ornaments to decorate your home this holiday season.

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how to make wire ornaments
Yield: wire ornaments

DIY Wire Ornament

make wire ornaments

Create a simple DIY wire ornament for your Christmas tree this year. But this ornament can also be used to decorate your home for the holidays as well.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 30 minutes
Additional Time 10 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $10


  • decorative wire (any color you want)
  • nails
  • scrap board


  • hammer
  • wire cutters
  • printerPrint


  1. Print out the design you want.homemade wire ornaments
  2. Secure the design to the scrap board with tape and place nails onto the design/template.nail for wire ornaments
  3. Wrap the wire around the template. wire ornament template
  4. Remove the wire from the template and finish the ends. custom wire ornaments


  1. How beautiful! They will look so nice on the tree with the greenery and lights showing and it would make a beautiful ornament garland.

    1. I agree! Thanks, Jenny!

  2. I LOVE these wire ornaments!! I would not have thought about using a piece of wood and nails to shape it!! Such a great idea!! They are wonderful!

    1. Thank you, Christine!

  3. These are gorgeous, I love the simplicity!!!

    1. Thank you, Katrin!

  4. I just love simple ornaments like this, Megan! Thanks for the amazing tutorial, too.

    1. Thanks, Meegan! I like how simple they are too!

  5. These are so cute, Megan. Love it. Adding them to my round up. :)

    1. Thank you, Stephanie!

  6. Love the simplicity of these ornaments! They’d look great hanging in a window, too. Pinned!

    1. Thanks, Rebecca!

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