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DIY Merry Christmas Wood Sign

A tutorial on how to make a DIY merry Christmas wood sign for your holiday decor.

Are you looking for a simple way to decorate this holiday season? Have you considered making a wood sign? Use this simple DIY merry Christmas wood sign tutorial to get you started.

Merry Christmas sign for the holiday

As a side note, this tutorial is part of the Deck the Home challenge from At Home DIY. The Deck the Home challenge is a 5-week series with amazing holiday projects from 30+ DIY bloggers.

Each week there is a new theme, and this week’s theme is holiday wood signs. I will be sharing my project below, but after the tutorial, there is a link to all the other projects for the week, so be sure to check those out!

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The inspiration from this project is from Lilac And Rose Design on Etsy. So if you don’t want to make the sign, you now know where you can purchase one.

Now let’s go back to the tutorial.

DIY Merry Christmas Wood Sign



  • set of paintbrushes (I used a fine round brush and square brush)
  • circular saw or table saw (or have the MDF cut at the hardware store)
  • printer
  • pencil

You can print the material list and instructions below.

SIDE NOTE: This tutorial does not include the wood frame.

Need a video? Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to transfer a design to the wood.

STEP 1: Cut and paint the wood

Cut the 2-foot by 2-foot MDF sheet in half so that it’s 1′ x 2′.

SIDE NOTE: Use the other piece for another sign.

Then sand the sheet with #220 grit sandpaper to give you a smooth finish.

Next, paint the sheet with the white spray paint. I would recommend at least two coats to give you an excellent finish.

TIP: Use a spray grip accessory to keep your fingers paint-free.

STEP 2: Transfer the Printable to the wood

Okay, again, I am trying to save money and allow anyone to make this sign. So don’t worry, you do not need a fancy machine, like a Cricut. You only need a printer.

But first, you will need the design, so here’s the link to the “Merry Christmas” printable. Don’t worry, it’s free, it can only be used for personal use, not for projects you want to sell.

Now print your printable then tape the pieces of paper together.

After place, the printable onto the wood, center the paper then tape the top of the printable to the wood.

Next, flip the printable up, so the print is not showing. Then take the pencil and scribble along the edges of the printable.

TIP: Place a blank piece of paper under the printable to make it not transfer anything onto the board.

Once everything is covered with lead from the pencil, flip the paper back onto the wood.

Using a sharp pencil or pen, trace the outline of the printable. This will transfer the lead on the back of the paper onto the wood.

transfer design to wood

TIP: Check to make sure the transfer is working, if not scribble more onto the back of the paper. Then retrace from the front of the paper.

When the whole printable has been transferred to the wood, you can then remove the paper.

STEP 3: Paint the sign

Now that the printable is transferred on the wood, it is time to pull out the paint.

I tried using paint markers, pens, and sharpies, but I did not like how they looked. So I would recommend using a paintbrush with paint. And believe me, it’s not that difficult.

paint Christmas sign

Start by using the small round brush and paint the outlines of the transfer. 

SIDE NOTE: Place a blank piece of paper under your hand, so you don’t smear the transfer.

Then fill in the other areas in with the square paintbrush.

TIP: It helps to work in small sections so your not smearing the paint.

DIY painted holiday sign

Let each row dry before moving to the next row to again prevent smearing.

After the first coat of paint has dried, paint a second coat to give you crisp words.

SIDE NOTE: The image above is an example of one coat of paint and two coats, can you see the difference? The top line only has one coat, where the bottom has two.

STEP 4: Insert the sign into a frame

Once the sign is completely dry, its time to insert it into a frame.

There are many ways to frame a wooden sign, but with this sign, I decided I wanted something that could be reversible. This way, I could have a sign for different seasons but use the same frame.

So I built an interchangeable wood frame, and you can too. See the step-by-step tutorial on how to make an easy change frame for wood signs.

build wood frame for sign

Or you can use my tutorial on how to build a simple wood frame.

STEP 5: Display the Merry Christmas sign

Now that your sign is framed, its time to hang the sign on your wall.

You can use the standard nail hanging technique, or you can use my personal favorite 3M command strips.

They leave no nail holes on the wall, and they’re easy to install. Don’t believe me? See my tutorial on how to hang pictures without nails to see for yourself.

I hope this helps you decorate your home for the holiday season with this Merry Christmas sign.

DIY Merry Christmas Sign

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DIY Merry Christmas Wood Sign
Yield: wood sign

Merry Christmas Wood Sign

Merry Christmas sign for the holiday

Decorate your home for the holiday season by creating this DIY Merry Christmas wood sign.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Additional Time 30 minutes
Total Time 2 hours 10 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $10


  • 1/4″ x 2′ x2′ MDF sheet
  • #220 grit sandpaper
  • paper
  • white spray paint
  • black acrylic paint
  • paper


  • set of paintbrushes (I used a fine round brush and square brush)
  • circular saw or table saw (or have the MDF cut at the hardware store)
  • printer
  • pencil


  1. Cut the 2'x2' sheet in half (1'x2'), lightly sand, then spray paint the wood white.
  2. Transfer the printable onto the wood using a pencil.
  3. Paint the tracing with black paint using a round brush and square brush. Then let the paint dry, I would recommend two coats of paint.
  4. Insert the sign into a frame then place on the wall and enjoy!


  1. Very pretty! What a great idea to have interchangeable frames.

    1. Thank you, Jenny!

  2. I love everything about your Christmas sign!! I want it to hang at my house!! Please! hehe

    1. HaHa! Thanks, Christine!

  3. I love this sign so much, so simple and so beautiful!!

    1. Thanks, Katrin. I like it too!

  4. Great tutorial! I love the way your sign turned out!

    1. Thank you, Eileen!

  5. What a fun way to decorate for Christmas or any time of year. I love the creative way you can change out the wording.
    Thanks for sharing how to transfer, as well!

    1. Thanks, Meegan!

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