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DIY Simple Christmas Hoop Wreath


Are you looking for a simple way to make your front door more inviting for the holiday season? I have the perfect solution and it’s something anyone can make. It’s simple Christmas hoop wreath. This wreath is perfect for any door during the holiday season plus it’s not a big bulky wreath. I have created a how-to tutorial so that you can create your own holiday hoop wreath.

Christmas hoop wreath tutorial

For this holiday season I have something very special for you, Deck the Home Blog Hop!

The Deck the Home Blog Hop is a 5-week series of amazing Christmas DIY and home project from 26 DIY bloggers.

Each week there is a new theme and this week’s theme is Door Decor. I will be sharing my project below but after the tutorial, there is a link-up of all the Deck the Home Door Decor projects for the week, so be sure to check those out!
simple holiday wreath for front door


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  • wire cutters

Find the list of tools we use.

To help you see exactly how to make a Christmas hoop wreath, I have created a video while I made my wreath. Use this video to help you make your own holiday wreath. But I have also added the process, below the video, you can find the steps with pictures!


make a homemade Christmas wreath

After purchasing the materials it is time to add the bunches of Christmas floral onto the metal ring, you want to place the florals on only half of the hoop.

Take two of the bunches and place on 1/4 of the hoop using the floral wire to secure it into place.

TIP: Try to hide the wire by placing it behind leaves.

After attaching, attach the other two bunches onto another 1/4 of the hoop.

SIDE NOTE: You want the stem ends all facing toward each other plus you want them overlapping so that the ends will be covered by the floral bunches.

make a homemade holiday wreath


Now it’s time to attach the pine cones. Cut the stem and place the pine cones in the middle of the Christmas bunches where the stems come together. Then attach using the wire.

TIP: Remember to try to hide the wire behind.

Adjust anything that needs to be adjusted to give you the look you want. And now you have a completed holiday ring wreath that you made yourself!

simple holiday hoop wreath tutorial

This whole process took me 30 minutes (that was the video time before adjusting the speed). The cost for all my materials was about $20. I did use a 50% coupon on everything at my local craft store.

Christmas door decor wreath

And that’s the process of how to DIY a simple Christmas hoop wreath. I hope you take a change and try this tutorial because you will love the way it makes your front door look for the holidays. Plus you will be surprised at the number of comments you will get!

DIY holiday hoop wreath

DIY Christmas hoop wreath


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  1. I love how simple and elegant it is! Beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Laura!

  2. I love how simple it is! The silver is so smooth it probably fades into the door from a distance giving the whole wreath a floating look… it’s so pretty!

    1. Thanks, Betsy! I love how simple the hoop is too.

  3. The simplicity of this is fabulous! On a dime of supplies AND time. What a festive quick holiday pop! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Christine!

  4. What a lovely wreath!!! I love the simplicity of it and that you made it yourself! Beautiful!!

    1. Thank you so much Lidia!!!

  5. This is so beautiful and it looks very simple to make. The green and red really pop off your white front door.

    1. Thank you, Toni! And yes it was very simple.

  6. I love the simplicity of this, it’s perfect for your front door.

    1. Thank you, Sarah!

  7. I love the simplicity of this wreath. The greenery also kind of reminds me of reindeer horns!

    1. Thank you, Jessica! I had not thought of that and I love the idea!

  8. I love how classy your wire wreath looks! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Leen!

  9. The greens and berries look so real! It’s just lovely in it’s simplicity. I love a project that’s easy and looks fabulous!

    1. I do too! Thanks, Rebecca!

  10. I love this! Such a simple wreath idea!

    1. Thanks, Eileen!

  11. I love how simple yet so beautiful this door wreath is, great job!

  12. Love the simple and minimal look of this! Great job!!

    1. Thank you, Carmen!

  13. Oh, I really love this! I adore the simplicity of it, and it’s so classic. I may have to make one for myself. ;)

    1. I love how simple it is too. I would love to see yours if you make one!

  14. Love this! I’m such a sucker for a good simple wreath! Love the festive colors and that you used a metal hoop. Such a good idea!

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