DIY Red Berry Wreath

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For the holidays, I wanted our door decorated (because I still have not painted it). I saw a couple of berry wreaths on Pinterest and decided I wanted one. But I am to cheap and did not want to buy one for $80 plus shipping, so I made my own. Here is my finished berry wreath:

DIY Berry WreathI am no expert at making wreaths but I thought I would show you how I did my wreath (see how you can see some wire on the wreath).

#3 – Red Berries
14″ Wreath
Floral Wire

DIY Berry Wreath

After gathering the supplies, I separated the berry stems.

Then I started placing them around the wreath, making sure the stems were in the wreath.

Time to add wire to make sure the berries stay on the wreath.  (Left side has wire and right does not)

Here is after all the berries and wire is on. You can add more berries if you would like but I thought my looked good.

The back looked like this (see wire everywhere but like I said I am no expert).

The finished project on the door.

DIY Berry Wreath

Red Berries- $14.50 (50% Off Christmas at Hobby Lobby)
Wreath- $3.00 (40% coupon at Hobby Lobby)
Floral Wire- $1.60 (40% coupon at Joann’s)

TOTAL COST- $19.10

I was finding the berry wreaths online for about $80, savings of $60.90. Not the prettiest wreath (I am sure the ones online do not have wires showing) but makes our door look so much better and I like it.

As a side note: My daughter (4 years) helped with this project and added almost all of the berries to the wreath. She had a blast doing it!!

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