Add Contact Paper to Cabinet Drawers

Today we are back talking about the kitchen, I wish it was something exciting like painting the cabinets but sadly it is not. Still have some more prep before I am there! After resizing and adding metal slides to the cabinet drawers, I wanted to add contact paper to give the bottoms of the drawers a clean surface. So I thought I would share how easy and cheap the process was. I paid about $8 for plain white contact paper, this should be enough for my cabinet shelves also. 


– Contact Paper
– Razor Knife 
– Scissors 
– Heavy Card: like credit card

First remove you drawer from the cabinet frame and place it on a solid surface (table/floor). Take your contact paper and cut it 1/4″ bigger on all sides then the cabinet base. I placed the paper on top of the drawer and cut from there but you could measure. 


Next remove the backing from the contact paper. You want to remove all of it, unless you are adding this to a large area. Place the paper into the drawer and align as well as possible, making sure to not press the paper to the cabinet base. 

Now starting in the center of the contact paper, take your card and smooth the paper onto the drawer. Work your way around the drawer from the center out, this will help remove any air bubbles. 

TIP: Remove all the backing first and start in the center. I did not do this for some of my drawers and they did not turn out clean and crisp. Like picture below there are creases in the contact paper.

Once you get to the edges, press the paper to give you a crease around the base of the drawer.


Take the razor knife and cut into the crease all around the base.


Remove the extra paper and your drawer is DONE!!


Here is our cabinet drawers before and after adding contact paper.


That is a cheap and easy way to update your cabinet drawers. You could also purchase contact paper with a design on it or colored. What do you think?

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Demo That Room

Something we are starting to feel that needs to be completed is our basement. Our daughter will be turning 6 in a couple of months and it’s about time for her to stop sharing a room with her brothers. That’s right, we have all 3 kids in one room… you probably think we are crazy but it has worked for us until lately. Someone is getting a little bossy to her brothers and there has been lots and lots of fighting more than before. So we are thinking it’s about that time, hopefully they can hold off a little longer because we hoping to have one room done next fall, cross your fingers!

There are some bigger things we need to complete before we can start on finishing the room, like: replace the window, replace electrical, maybe the A/C vents, insulate the walls, and add a closet to the room. Biggest problem is these things cost money, money that we used to replace some of our plumbing earlier this year. So those items are on next years list… but something we can do in the mean time is demoing the current space. This will make it all ready for the other items. 


This project/demo was all Eric, I helped with removing the outlet covers/lights before demo, removed a couple nails, and the after cleaning.


In the one bedroom, we call it the green room because at one point it had green walls. Eric first removed the ceiling tiles, OK not really but after removing one small wall he did and this was the messy part. So if you are demoing a room start with the ceiling first that way most of the dust stays in that room. 


Then Eric removed the wall paneling, this stuff was different, the only way I can explain it was it was 2’x8′ drywall wrapped with paper to look like wood paneling. We were very happy that for the most part they came down in sheets. 


After he removed all the carpet and pad from the room (we were surprised at how good of shape they were in). And of course he also removed the tack strip that holds the carpet to the floor. 

demoed bedroom-2

Next was removing all the nails and most of the furring strips on the ceiling. After some cleaning the room now looks like this. And we still call it the green room because the paint on the cement as a tint of green to it, I think someone liked green…  

demoed bedroom

Another room Eric started demoing was the bathroom in the basement. We had already removed a lot of it but the walls still needed to be removed. After removing the drywall and most of the paneling (still some behind the water heater) the bathroom looks like this. 

demoing bathroom-2

We still need to finish removing the cement around the base of the shower. And that’s some of the demoing we have been working on. In a couple more months we plan on removing the ceiling and walls from the other bedroom downstairs. 

demoing bathroom

Anyone else doing some demoing? Or have a favorite tool to help demoing? Ours is our crow bar (also called a wonder bar).

Kitchen Table Makeover

First off it’s been awhile. I decided to take last week off to hang out with the kids before they started school. I still can not believe that my oldest will be in Kindergarten… plus I will have 2 in school this year. Where does the time go? I already feel like I will be running around with my head cut off chasing these kids around. Does anyone else feel this way? But it will only get more exciting as time goes on. OK let’s get back to some projects!

So I redid another kitchen table but this time it was not for me. It was my sister’s!! This story starts last year when my sister was living with us. She purchased a used table (cost her $20) to use as her sewing table. The plan was to refinish it then but it never happened. Then about three months ago, my sister got engaged. Eric and I were trying to decide what to get them for their wedding, when I remembered the table. I then asked my sister if she was planning on using the table as their kitchen table. She said “yes” and I asked if she would like me to redo it for her for her wedding gift. I don’t know if she really did not like the thought of that as a gift but she said “yes”!

I finally got the table the week of the wedding and here is the table, sorry it was disassembled for the move to my house…


First thing I did was removed the table top and chairs tops then sanded everything. I used #60 grit sandpaper to remove the old stain first. Next I used #220 grit sandpaper to give the wood a smooth finish. For all the frames, I sanded everything with #120 grit sandpaper, did this by hand. Then I sanded everything one more time with a finer sandpaper, #320 grit.


Next I cleaned everything with TSP cleaner, thought I would give it a try. After cleaning I pulled out my new painting tool, Critter Paint Sprayer, I promise I will share more about this but I have one more project I want to use it on first but so far it works great!


Because I would be using a paint sprayer, I put push-pins on the bottoms of the table and chair legs to get them off the ground. Then I cut little pieces of PVC pipe and inserted them between the legs and the frame of the table/chairs. This will make it possible for the table and chairs to be disassembled. 


Then I sprayed all the frames with two coats of primer. After the primer dried, I lightly sanded the frames with #600 grit sandpaper, making sure to clean the chairs before the next step. Next I painted the chairs with two coats of Behr white paint with some Floetrol… added to help smooth the paint as it dries.


Again I lightly sanded the frames with #600 grit sandpaper (I did not need to sand very much the paint went on very smoothly). I then cleaned them again and applied two coats of poly with a brush (wish I would have tried the sprayer).

For the tops, I wanted a darker stain but not too dark or too red. This is what I came up with. First I put some white distilled vinegar and #0000 steel wool into a glass jar, it needs to be the finest steel wool… I let that sit for a couple of days because I was out-of-town but I have heard it needs to be at least 24 hours.


Then I took a rag and wiped the homemade stain onto the wood, making sure I was leaving no drip spots. TIP: Wear gloves with this stain.

The bottom wood is the stain after applying and the top is a day later. 


I decided to lightly sand the wood then I wiped clean. Next I took a dark walnut stain and applied it the same way.


After letting it dry for a day. I applies two coats of poly onto the wood. Once everything was dry, I assembled the table and chairs again. And here is the updated table now. 

DIY kitchen table

What do you think? I wish you could see the wood top in person because this is my new favorite stain color. And my sister loved the new table, could not believe it was the same one. 

redo kitchen table


You can see my table makeover HERE.

Remodel Love – Entryway By Little House of Four

Happy Friday! Are you ready for another feature from our Remodel Love series? I am… and I am excited to share today’s feature, really I am excited about all of them.

Today’s remodel was completed by Katie from Little House of Four, find her blog here. Katie is a wife and mother of 2. Eight years ago they purchased an extremely dated ranch style home, only after Katie convinced her husband that the house had great potential. Katie loves getting involved in house projects and they have completed most of the work themselves. Be sure to check out all of Katie’s projects on her blog, HERE

But let’s take a look at Katie’s entryway remodel.

plank wallsource

I have been loving plank walls for a while and I am dreaming of the prefect place to add one in our house. Another great thing is that this is a cheap project. You can see the tutorial to create your own plank wall here

What do you think of Katie’s entryway? I hope you are now dreaming of the prefect place to add a plank wall in your home. 

Special thanks to Katie for sharing her space and thank you for stopping by.