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House Project Goals for 2015

It feels really weird writing 2015, does anyone one else feel this way or is that just me. Anyways with it being a new year, its time to write a list of projects we want to complete this year for our house. Then at the end of the year we will see how we did. Some are small project and others will take a lot of time/money. But we really hope we can get through the whole list plus some…

DIY Light Pole

  • Paint Kitchen Cabinets
  • Add Organization to Kitchen Cabinets
  • Add Microwave above Stove
  • Indoor Herb Planter
  • Paint Ceiling in Master Bedroom, Kids Room, Hallway, Living Room, and Kitchen
  • Update Light Above Sink & Kitchen Table
  • Fix Water Coming into Basement
  • Porch Planter Box
  • Find and Reupholster #2 Chairs
  • Add Pillows to Couch
  • Update Living Room Closet
  • DIY Desk
  • DIY Master Bedroom Mirror
  • Remodel Master Closet
  • Build Night Stand
  • Add Curtains to Master Bedroom
  • Add Artwork to Master & Kids Room
  • Add Framing around Painting
  • Build Gate
  • Add Gutters to House & Garage
  • Add Plants to Side of Garage
  • Build Small Storage Box by Garage
  • Update Sprinklers
  • Par-get Around House
  • Replace Front Storm Door 
  • Finish Downstairs Closet
  • Remove Trim & Repaint Basement Walls
  • Add Shelves Above Stairs
  • Flush Main Line
  • Build a Rock Wall
  • Build Kids Toy Storage
  • Replace Toilet
  • Reside the Garage

Anyone one else have a to-do list for the new year?