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15 DIY Backsplash Ideas

Happy Friday everyone!! It’s not normal that you hear from me on a Friday, maybe we can make that happen more… Today, I wanted to share with you a collection of DIY backsplash ideas that I curated on Hometalk.com. Each of these projects are available for viewing on my DIY Backsplash Clipboard on Hometalk.

If you do not already have an account on Hometalk, I would recommend that you sign up for one, plus it’s FREE. Hometalk is a home and garden how-to community. You are able to post your own projects or post questions you may have, plus you can comment on other user’s projects. Lots of homeowners, bloggers and professionals use Hometalk. Which makes it’s a great resource for any DIYers.

Now that I have given you the spill on Hometalk, let me show you my DIY backsplash collection, hope you enjoy it!

DIY kitchen Backsplash

You can check out the links to my collections here. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! We plan on doing some more demoing of our basement and hopefully next week we can really think about filling in our holes in the basement.