“D” Plans

This plan has been in the works for over a year and I am so excited to finally share it with you! Are you ready for it? I am helping design and build a DUPLEX (more the design side)!

The duplex is for my in-laws and my father is building it for them (we will help on the side). I have spent hours and hours creating the plans. Trying to fit everything that is wanted but making it work inside the building lot (which is a funny shape). We went through lots of contenders and I mean a lot but we finally have one that we are happy with and it works with the building codes. YAY!

And without further ado here are the plans.

Learn the process of building a duplex. Here are plans for a 3 bed 2 bath duplex plan

This duplex will be 3 bedrooms and two baths with a single car garage for both sides. There will be a front porch plus back patio. What do you think?

This will be the third duplex built within my family (my dad has one and my brother has another). The first two are very similar because they used the same plans. But this time we changed things up!

Another exciting note is that the hole is dug, the foundation is poured, walls are up, the roof is in place, more cement is poured, and (as of last week) almost all the windows are in! I plan on sharing the process of the build but because I am NOT doing all the work it will be bits and pieces. I do hope to give you a final cost for building the duplex (minus lot and my dad’s fees).

Building a duplex the foundation

Building a duplex the foundation

This is the process of building a duplex

What do you think of the plans? Anything you would add or change if you were doing it? Remember this is a rental…