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Fixing Chimney Mortar

Our chimney was looking a little sad. A lot of the mortar was gone. Because I was 28 weeks pregnant, I was not allowed on the roof (baby bump throws off my weight a little). So my husband got the responsibly of fixing the chimney. First thing that needs to be done is removing the old mortar that is cracked. Next is taking the shop-vac and cleaning the area.

Supplies Needed:
-Trowel (looks like this)
-Hawk (or trowel that will hold mortar)

Now its time to mix the mortar (this was my job). Follow the instructions on the bag and add water to the mix (will look something like cake batter, sorry no picture).

Take your hawk and place some mortar on the hawk (used a gardening shovel). Using the trowel, push the mortar into the slot. (Online is said to start at the bottom but I do not think it matters. And I was told it gets easier as you go.) Fill in all the holes. Then let it sit without rain for a couple of days.

Here is our finished look after one day of siting. We still need to clean the area.

I think my husband did a really good job and now we do not have to worry about bricks falling out. Total time of this project was 2 hours.

Mortar- FREE (I think its $15 for a bag)
Trowel- $5 (on Sale, normally $10)
Hawk- FREE (Used my dads)
Total Cost- $5