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Flower Bed Makeover

It’s spring time!! And with the weather getting warmer, we decided it was time to do some work outside and give our flower beds a makeover.  If you can not remember what our home looked like when we moved in, let me remind you:

Front of House

Side of House- BeforeBut here is what our house looked like after removing the big bushy trees and add the new windows

Before- Front

Before- SideDid you notice all of the flowers everywhere, they have taken over… Plus the pavers are not straight anymore which makes it hard to sweep the sidewalk.

Before- Plants

We decided to remove all the old mulch in our flower beds because it was a chunky mulch and we did not like that look. We decided on a Nutri-Mulch that will help make our soil better (we are hoping that this finer mulch will not wash away or blow away but we will keep you posted).


We also decided to add plants to the back side of our house. This required lots of rock removal, here is the area before:

Backyard 4This is after adding some new topsoil and placing the pants that we are planning on adding (more on that later).

Progress 2

In the front of the house, we rearranged some of the plants, down sized some of them, and added a couple of new plants. Then we add some mulch and mixed it into the old soil (this was not our top layer yet).


The side of our house was a lot more work. We decided to pull up almost all of the flowers and group them together. Plus, we wanted to straighten the pavers and add a couple more plants.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter we got all the plants replaced or planted into our soil, we placed a top layer of mulch about an inch thick. Then watered the whole area. Here is our house after refreshed our flower beds (do not mind the light pole or grass growing in places it shouldn’t, that’s on the list).


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADon’t mind the grass next to the garage, we are trying to grow some beauty grass with peat moss (I will give you an update later).


Some of the flowers look a little sad after replanting them but next year they will look better (I hope).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI will show you our new plants in another post and then next year give you an update. We did use 13 bags of the mulch, we found them at our local nursery. We plan on adding new solar lights to the flower beds to light up the walkway. PLUS, we are going to do a drip irrigation system, so I do not kill all the plants (I always forget to water).

Anyone else giving their flower beds a makeover or need to?

**Read more about the type of plants here***


  1. I love what you have done with your flowerbeds. They look great. Just in time for me to copy on mine :) As soon as the snow melts that came last night

    1. Thanks Emily, we are enjoying them! But I am hoping to get our drip system in this weekend… I can not believe you got snow, I hope it melts soon.

  2. I really like the garden hose hanger – what a great idea.

    1. Thanks Terri, we really like it too.

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