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#16 Tools every Homeowner should have

When we first bought our home we soon found out that we needed some more tools, not just our hammer and screwdrivers… So I thought it would be fun to put together the tools that we use the most in our home. Some of these tools you could get away without but I feel like you should probably have them just in case! So here is 16 tools every homeowner should have plus some bonus ones…

tools every homoowner should have

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Side Note: This list is in a random order, so number one does not mean you will use it the most.

Everyday Tools:

tools for homeowners

  1. Utility Knife – We just got this new utility knife because this one forms to the hand better.
  2. Flash Light – I feel that even if you are not a homeowner you should have a flash light. We use this little guy to help us see in little spaces.
  3. Block Sander – Sometimes things need to be sanded and this guy is great! I found it at Lowes for a couple bucks. This makes sanding easier…
  4. Tape measure – You will probably need to measure something. I even have one in my car most of the time!
  5. Window Utility Knife – This thing is amazing at getting stuff off glass.
  6. Pliers – If you want to replace light switches or lights, this tool would help with that.
  7. Hammer – Do you want to hang a picture frame?
  8. Wrench – If you have a plumbing issue this could come in handy, even if you plan on hiring it out…
  9. Screwdriver Set – We have the plain old screwdrivers also but this one is really nice.

Painting Supplies:

If you plan on doing any painting these are the supplies that we use almost every time we paint.

painting tools every homeowner should have

  1. Taping Knife – This is used for drywall but it helps create a straight line while painting.
  2. Paint Brush (my other favorite paint brush) – You will need to cut in or wipe the paint can.
  3. Putty Knife – Used to fix holes on a wall.
  4. Small Paint Brush – This is a regular painters paint brush, I use it to get into small painting spaces.
  5. Painting Edger – I just found this tool and it helps save time when cutting in around trim and walls.
  6. Rollers (big & smaller) – The big roller you will use more when painting walls. The smaller roller I use for painting doors, trim, cabinets, and furniture.
  7. Painting Tray – You will need somewhere to put the paint.

Extra Tools/Stuff:

These things could help:

additional tools homeowner should have

  1. Stud Finder – Sometimes you need to find a stud to hang a picture. (I have not used this stud finder yet)
  2. Respirator – That way you are not breathing in paint fumes or other fumes.
  3. Gloves – Sometimes things get messy.
  4. Caulking Gun – I really think I should have put this in the other tools because I use it all the time…

Make things even Easier

Drill – A drill makes removing or adding screws a lot easier…

Ladder – Helps get into taller spaces. Eric used this one for years with his previous job and we have this one. We love our Little Giant.

If you have a yard:

Lawnmower – If you have a lawn it will need to be mowed…

Edger/Trimmer – If you want your lawn to have clean edges, this could help!

Rake – If you have trees there will be leaves to rake.

Shovel – This will help with landscaping.

Hose w/sprayer – Sometimes your plants could need some water…

– – – —

And that’s the list of tools we use most in our home, do you have anymore tools to add to the list?