Critter Paint Sprayer Review (AKA: My Favorite Painting Tool!)

See an inexpensive paint sprayer called the Critter and my review on how it works.

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Need a better way to paint, try using the Critter paint sprayer.

I know that I have shared this tool with you before but when I was using the Critter Paint Sprayer to stain my fence. I decided to make a video on the simple components and how the sprayer works. This way, if you have any questions about the sprayer you could see it first hand. I would love to hear any other questions you have about this paint sprayer.

I have used this sprayer to paint my kitchen cabinets (with both paint & polycrylic), click the link to see more info on doing that.

update kitchen cabinets without replacing them

Plus I used the sprayer to stain my fence. I share that example in the video below. I have not used any other sprayer but for $45 on Amazon I would say the Critter sprayer is worth it.

painting kitchen cabinets with critter paint sprayer

But here is the video!

Do you have any other questions about the Critter Paint Sprayer? I would love to answer them.