What type of saw blade are you using?

This is something I have never really thought of, the type of blade on my saws. I just used the blade that came with the saw thinking it was fine. But then I needed a new blade and I realized there are so many different saw blades. So what type of saw blade are you using?

Are you using the right saw blade for that project?


Are you using the right saw blade for that project?

Now there are saw blades that cut wood, metal, and concrete plus they come in different sizes for different saws. But the ones we are talking about is wood blades, ones for a miter or circular saw.

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Here is what makes a blade different, the teeth. I had no clue about this, did you? The more teeth the blade has the smoother or finer the cut will be. But when there are more teeth on a blade the quicker the blade will dull.


Another thing you need to consider is the material, the type of wood you will be cutting. Because some wood will cut better with a certain type of blade.

Here is what Dewalt recommends on their packaging:

Are you using the right saw blade for your DIY project?


My miter saw came with the standard 32-teeth blade and it has worked well. But I purchased a 40-teeth blade for my circular saw recently to see how that worked. I have used this blade for our whole project of building a shed; cutting plywood, LP siding, and standard wood. I really like this blade for an all around cut.

I also purchased an 80-teeth blade but have not had the chance to use it yet because this blade is for very fine cuts (smooth) so I will be testing it out with some trim in the future (will update when that happens!).

But here is what I would recommend in a saw blade:

General Cutting: 40-teeth but not lower than 32-teeth

Finer Cutting: I would try 60-teeth. Yes, I have 80 because that came in a combo pack of blades I purchased.


I am going to assume that you were just like us and had no clue about different wood saw blades, did you learn something? I hope you learned that there is a difference in a wood blade depending on the material you are cutting and you may want to change the teeth on your blade before cutting.

What is your favorite blade type? Do you like one with 40-teeth? Or maybe you need to try some new blades?

Happy Sawing!!!