10 Gift Ideas for that DIYER

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If you have not noticed we are all about DIY and remodeling around this house and over the past couple of years we have started to collect some of our favorite tools. It’s amazing how having the proper tool for the job makes the project go so much smoother and gives you less headache.

So today I am sharing 10 Gift ideas for the DIYer and these are our favorite most used tools. Plus 3 more tools that are on my wish list!

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1. Orbital Sander –

Our most used tool is our orbital sander. We use it on almost every DIY project! Using an orbital sander will save any DIYer countless hours on sanding & is a must in the workshop! You can find one for right around $60.

> I recommend the Bosch Orbital Sander or Dewalt Orbital Sander (this is the one we use)

2. Miter Saw –

This is a tool that we couldn’t live without. A miter saw is more expensive but it was something we purchased within the first year of owning our home, completely worth the money. We use it SO much, almost every project (like updating our kitchen cabinets). There is a range of styles but I believe you can find a great base model for about $300-$400. Extra features to look for are a laser and a sliding saw (the Bosch Miter Saw linked below is one).

> I recommend the Bosch Compound Glide Miter Saw & Dewalt Compound 12″ Miter Saw (this is the one we have)

3. Cordless Drill

This tool was one of the first tools we purchased and it is a MUST HAVE in the workshop or any home. You can find a set for less than $200.

> I recommend the Dewalt Cordless Drill (we currently have the older model)

> Along with the Cordless Drill, I also highly recommend a Screwdriving set (less than $20)

4. Air Compressor w/Nail Gun-

This tool has made so many more projects possible (like upholstering our chairs here & here). Because taking a hammer to a piece of wood takes a lot more time and if you are like me you have probably hammered your fingers before. You can find a beginner air compressor combo for around $250.

> I recommend the Dewalt Air Compressor & the Bostitch Air Compressor (we have the older model), plus both comes with nail guns & staple gun.

5. Kreg Jig –

The Kreg Jig tool helps with the creation and ease of projects.  From making a simple picture frame to a TV Console or bench, a Kreg Jig creates pocket holes to join or connect pieces of wood together.

> I want to upgrade to the Kreg Jig 5 Pocket Hole System but we currently have the Mini Kreg Jig (less than $20)

6. Paint Sprayer –

The Critter paint sprayer is my new FAVORITE painting tool because it saves you so so much time in painting your projects, see my tips on using a paint sprayer to paint cabinets. Another bonus is that this tools cost less than $45. Something you do need to work this tool is an air compressor.

> I recommend the Critter Paint Sprayer 

7. Rotary Hammer –

This tool is our saving grace and my friends saving grace… If you ever have some demoing to do or need to drill through cement, this is your tool. We learned how amazing this tool was when we were installing insulation in our basement. Plus my friend used it to remove their tile floor after trying to with the hard-core rental from the hardware store. This guy will save you time, time, time… It is amazing!

> I recommend the Bosch BullDog Rotary Hammer (about $200).

> Along with the Rotary Hammer you will need attachments: like the tile chisel, drill, or cement chisel.

8. Crow Bar –

The crow bar we have is called the wonder bar and believe me this guy is wonderful!! It makes demoing anything so much easier, plus it removed nails like a charm.

> I recommend the Stanley Wonder Bar (less than $10)

9. Level –

Let’s face it, almost ever project need to be level like installing a new window, hanging a picture frame, or doing some wood work. This is an important tool to have in your tool box.

> I recommend the Stanley FatMax Level (right around $18)

10. Electrical Voltage Tester –

This is a new tool we just bought for creating a pendant light. But now that we have it I wish we would have purchased it sooner. This tool will help make sure that you do not electrocute yourself or possible burn your house down. Must have in my book…

> I recommend the Klein Non-Contact Voltage Tester (less then $20)

My Wish List –

I think we all need a wish list and this is my current tool wish list:

1. Table Saw –

table-sawCurrently we have been using other’s table saws and I have been wanting one of these for over a year but it’s not in the budget just yet. Plus this one is portable…

> I have my eye’s on the Dewalt Table Saw (about $300)

 2. Saw Horses –

saw-horseTime to admit it, we do not have saw horses so we have to place all our tools/projects on the ground. We are looking at possibly building them but if not, we have our eye’s on these ones.

> We have our eye’s on the Toughbuilt Sawhorse ($30 each), these are pretty sweet! 

3. Router –

routerLately I have realized how cool a router is and all the amazing things it can do. This is not something I must have but it would be nice for some projects.

> Maybe something like this Dewalt Router (around $180)

And that’s my current list… Is there a tool you love, one that you can’t live without? What is your must-have tool in your toolbox? Or what’s on your tool wish list this year?

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