The Amazing Kreg Rip-Cut

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This was a tool I had for a couple of years before I really tried using it. The tool is called a Kreg Rip-Cut and it is used to rip/cut (like a table saw) sheets of wood. I wanted to share this amazing tool plus I figured out an easy way to use it!

How to use a Kreg Rip-Cut the easy way!

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Before I share all the wonderful things this tool can do, I want you to know that you need a circular saw to make this work.


Maybe you are starting to discover that DIYing can require a lot of tools but there are some things, attachments, that can help you from buying everything.

One tool I wanted was a table saw but they can be expensive. I happened to discover that I could buy a $40 tool, which would attach to my circular saw, that could then cut large sheets of plywood to one length. This tool/attachment was a Rip-Cut

How to use a Kreg Rip-Cut the easy way!


Like I stated earlier the Rip-Cut attaches to a circular saw and this is done with screws.

But the thing I was struggling with was placing the circular saw in the exact spot to have the ruler on the Rip-Cut exactly lined up. The time it took to do this made the tool frustrating.

Then I figured out an easier way to use the Rip-Cut. Here is how:

  1. Place the circular saw on the Rip-Cut and attach. Just make sure the blade can function properly!
    • TIP: Don’t worry about the ruler!
  2. On the sheet of wood you are cutting, measure and mark where the cut needs to be.
    • TIP: If your cut is longer than 24″, try to cut the other side. 
  3. Open the clamp on the Rip-Cut so the guide can move.How to use a Kreg Rip-Cut the easy way!
  4. Place the saw blade on the marked sheet of wood.
  5. Adjust the Rip-Cut guide until it is on the edge of the sheet but the saw blade is still on the mark. Then close the clamp of the Rip-Cut.How to use a Kreg Rip-Cut the easy way!
  6. Cut your sheet.How to use a Kreg Rip-Cut the easy way!


One thing I really like about this tool is that I can make the exact same cut again, just like a table saw.

This tool also makes using a circular saw easier. I will admit it I am not very good with a circular saw. Free hand cutting is not my strong point but with the Rip-Cut, we are now friends. Plus it saves me time with an easy cut.

And because you know I love videos, I have created a video on how to use a Rip-Cut.

I hope this Rip-Cut will help you save you time and money in your future projects!

FIND your own Kreg Rip-Cut here!

PS. Kreg Tool now has a new line similar to this attachment and its called the Accu-Cut, I want to give it a try…

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  1. Nice – I keep looking at these but never end up buying it because I was waiting to see someone use it on real life :)

    I’ll probably need a new circular saw soon. Can you recommend any brands?

    1. The rip-cut is great especially if you don’t want to spend the money for a table saw. As for the circular saw, I currently have the Hitachi 15-amp corded and I purchased it because of the reviews/cost. I have only used a handful of circular saw so I don’t think I can recommend any brands. LOVE your website about tools!

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