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How to Make Piping for a Slipcover

I finally made a couch slipcover for our couch! It’s a happy day at our house but to make a slipcover is a process. So I will be showing the steps of making a slipcover in several posts rather than one very long post. And today I will be showing you how to make piping then how to add it to your cushion. Here is a picture of my finished cushions, just to give you an idea…

new couch cushions

First, measure the length of piping you will need. For example: my cushions were 34 1/4″ x 23 3/4″, making the circumference of the cushion 116″. Then add an extra 5″ to that measurement. Making it 121″ for one side of the cushion. So for one cushion, I need 121″ two times. 

After you have the length, you will cut 2″ strips of fabric at that length. I used 6/32″ cotton piping for this project. 

make piping

When making piping you will be using your zipper foot on your sewing machine (unless you have a piping foot). Place piping inside the fabric and sew along the piping. TIP: Make sure you are not trying to get as close as possible to the piping. Just let the zipper foot sew by the piping.

DIY piping for slipcover

sew piping for cushion

When you are almost to the end of your fabric, stop stitching 5″ from the end and cut your piping a little smaller than the end of the fabric.

cording for cushion

Start pining piping to cushion fabric (I will show how cut the cushion in another post), make sure you start with the closed end of the piping and start at the BACK of the cushion. Unpicking the fabric is really NO fun and I did it a lot… When you get to any corner make sure you clip the piping fabric so it will turn easier. I wish I would have done my cushions with a little more of a curve around the edges.

adding piping to cushion

After you have pinned all the way around your cushion, you will now finish the piping.

cording on cushion

Trim your piping (not fabric) to the end of the other piping end.

finishing cording on cushion

Taking the fabric of the piping, turn the end to make a triangle. See the picture below for an example.

finishing piping on cusion

Insert the closed piping into other piping (triangle side). Then pin into place.

piping end on cushion

Trim the excess fabric.

sew piping to cushion

Now sew piping onto cushion fabric, using your zipper foot and sewing along with the piping. TIP: Again do not sew as close as possible to piping, just next to it.

piping adding to cushion

Now you are done with the piping step of making a slipcover!


  1. Just looked at your piping for slipcovers. I seriously have had a blonde several months on how to attach it the pieces. I’m kicking myself because, omgosh duh. Thank you! I saw many projects with piping but never a “how to” . I might tackle my ottoman and wingback chairs. Thanks again!

    1. I am glad I could help! I bet your ottoman and chairs will turn out amazing, best of luck!!

  2. Martha Cole says:

    My English is not de best but all I want you know is that the tutorial was excellent for me. Thanks

    1. Thank you Martha! I am so glad it worked for you!!!

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