How Do You Start DIYing

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This question is one I get asked all the time, the most asked question! How do you start DIYing? But first, let’s talk about the word DIY. DIY means do-it-yourself so you build, create, or make something instead of hiring someone or buying it from the store. By DIYing, someone could save lots of money.

Do you want to start DIYing your home? Here is the secret to start DIYing.

Wondering how to start to DIY? Here how.Now back to the question at hand:


The first couple of times I got asked this question I did not know how to answer it. To be honest I did not feel like the person to even answer the question (still don’t at times!). But after really thinking about the question and asking myself how I started DIYing I came up with some answers.

  1. GET OVER THE FEAR – I think the biggest reason most people do not DIY is because of fear. The fear of doing it incorrectly or the project does not work. I have had these fears and I still have them. The key is to accept that you are learning and there will be mistakes. I can’t tell you how many times I have messed up… But first, you need to accept the fear or get over it. A great way to help get over a fear is by number 2.
  2. DO YOU RESEARCH – We are so so lucky to have this thing called the internet! We can find almost anything without leaving our home. Remember the day at the library to find any info… Something very important in DIYing is doing your research. Finding the CORRECT and BEST way to complete a project. This info you learn will make you feel more prepared for a project.
  3. HAVE THE CORRECT TOOLS – We have gone into a project thinking we would be fine with a tool but finding out we needed the easier tool to save us time and discouragement (like when we added insulation to our basement). Sometimes the tools can make or break a project. Use the ones that will save you time. SIDE NOTE: Also skipping steps can make or break a project.
  4. JUST TRY IT! – After you have gotten over or accepted the fear, done your research, and have the correct tools just TRY IT! This is the BIGGEST one. You need to try or you will never learn.

I am going to share our experiences, really the very first DIY home project that we did by ourselves, yes I can still remember it!

The very first project we did by ourselves was our adding window trim around our windows. We were so so afraid of doing this by ourselves (it’s funny now to think that was our fear!). We kept waiting around hoping my dad would one day have time to help us. But after about a month (this was after lots of research) we just TRIED IT! We accepted our fear and borrowed some tools and did it. And guess what? We made mistakes, learned a lot, and were hooked on DIYing after… We loved that we created the finished product ourselves.

When we DIY something now, there is always a fear but we have learned to move past it and hope for the best. Yes sometimes things don’t work as we plan but they always turn out. In one of our most recent projects, the closet makeover, I messed up on cutting the trim the size of the drawer (there were other mess-ups too). But I fixed them and you would have no idea about them if I did not show you!

I really hope you can learn to start DIYing because it is very rewarding! Just remember to accept the fear, do research, have the right tools, and just try it. You will never know until you TRY!

Do you have any tips to start DIYing? Or do you remember your first DIY?

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