Tips on Using A Foam Roller

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After using a foam roller for a couple of projects (painting doors & painting window trim), I thought it would be a good idea to give some tips on using a foam roller. And tell you how this little roller is now one of my favorite painting tools…

Using a Foam Roller

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One really nice things about the Foam Roller is that they are inexpensive, $5 and the tray is only $2. And another bonus is that they can give you a very smooth finish, just like if you are using a paint sprayer… OK another plus, promise last one, they are easy to use and you do not get paint flipping all over the place. (I always find that with a normal paint roller, I always get paint splattered on me from the roller, does anyone else get this?)

Tips on Using A Foam Roller

1. Apply your paint just like you would if you were using a normal roller.

Tips on using a foam roller

2. Go over the area a second time, only pressing the roller slightly. (This is to make sure you are getting paint on the whole area)

Painting with foam roller3. Take your roller over the area a third time but this time just roll over the area without putting any presser. (This is how you smooth the area, see the difference from the top and bottom pictures)

foam roller

And that is my tip on using a foam roller to get a smooth finish. Does anyone else have any tips for using a foam roller?

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  1. Your house is looking amazing!! Come over and do ours next, okay? :)

    1. Thanks Leilani, I would love to come over and help you with your home. I just wish you lived closer…

    1. Selene, I just have to say that I really like your blog and I love love love your kitchen floors!!

    1. Good luck when you have your first painting adventure! And I hope these tips help…

  2. Carrie Kendall says:

    Every time I use a foam roller, it just slides and doesn’t roll. Am I doing something wrong??


    1. Hi Carrie, thank for checking out my post! I have had the roller slide on me but that only happens to me when I have too much paint on the roller. So I am not sure if that would be the problem or if it would be with the roller itself (maybe the foam roller is not fitting on the frame or the frame is not very good). Sorry I would have to see the roller in action to have a better idea but I hope this helps!

  3. Carrie Kendall says:

    Thanks for the info. My second coat was much easier and you were right, too much paint makes it slide. It’s a learning curve I guess. :)

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