Cabinet Trash Can Pull-Out

Do you notice anything different from this picture?

Cabinet trash can

Did the title give it away?? Our trash can in no longer taking up room on the kitchen floor. That’s right we have a Cabinet Pull Out Trash Can. HAY!!!

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We have had this trash can installed for over a week and we are loving loving this thing. The only CON we have with it is that it is smaller than our old trash can. So if you have room I would suggest having the double, one for trash and one for recycling. We decided to use the Knape & Vogt In Cabinet Pull Out Trash Can because it fit our space perfectly.

Cabinet Trash can pull out

Before I could install the trash can, I needed to fix the cabinet because the base needed to be raised so the trash would be pulled-out. Sorry if that does not make sense to anyone…

Cabinet base

I decided to reuse the wood from when we added the dishwasher to the kitchen cabinet. And this is what I came up with.

Cabinet base after

I then filled the gaps in with spackling paste, sanded the cabinet, and caulked the seams.

DIY Garbage Can Pull Out

Then I primed and painted the cabinet to give it a finished look. We will be adding a drawer and cabinet door to the cabinet.

Cabinet Pull out

Now I could install the trash can pull-out.

DIY trash can pull out

The first thing I did was find the placement of the slider/pull-out.

Checking Placement of Trash Can

After finding the placement, I marked the screw holes and drilled a hole using the smallest drill bit.

Install Trash can pull out

Then I screwed the slider/pull-out into place, using the pre-drilled holes.

Install a trash can pull out

Next I attached the cage that holds the trash can.

Pull out trash can

After placing the trash can into the cage, we have a trash can pull-out!!

Install a Cabinet Trash canTrash Can Pull-Out

This was really easy to install and we are loving it. The trash can kit cost less than $50. If you would like to save money, you could also build a trash can pull-out, here is a great tutorial. Anyone wishing they had one of these?


  1. Ohhh! We so need to do that! Thanks for linking up to Monday Funday!

    1. You should and you will love it!!! Thanks for having a great link up!!!

  2. I would love one of these! Found your blog on Savvy Southern Style and am pinning this to my Organization board.

    1. I know you would love it because I am loving mine!! Thanks for pinning…

  3. Oh, I need one of these! I never thought to make one. We have a nice kitchen with tons of cabinets but we realized after we moved in, there was literally no place for the trashcan. I am definitely doing this!

    1. I think everyone needs one!! I can not wait to see what you come up with!

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