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Simple Way To Hide Desk Cords

Do you remember our desk makeover from a couple of weeks ago? Let me remind you…

DIY Ikea Desk

The desk is looking 10x better than before but we still needed to finish hiding the cords. Let me show you how we did that.

DIY desk

First we cut a 1.5″ hole into the back of one of the cabinet base of our desk. Then we mounted our power strip to the wood. And ran the cords out of the 1.5″ hole. (It’s a mess in there but after we shut the door you can not see it)

hide desk cords

To help make the cords stay in a certain spot, we used 1″ binder clips.

hide desk cords

We did have some cords that could not reach the top of the desk anymore and those were our phone and iPad cords. So I drilled a couple of holes inside the cabinet shelf and created a charging station inside of the cabinet.

hide desk cords

And that’s how we hid our desk cords.

DIY computer desk

Does anyone else get tired of cords hanging everywhere or sitting on the floor?