Install a Rain Barrel

Something we thought was a great idea was having a rain barrel. We liked the idea of storing rain water (FREE) then using it to water our plants in the summer. But we were not sure where to place one in our yard or how to install a rain barrel. Then the perfect spot opened up so we jumped at the chance of a rain barrel. Plus the one we purchase was so easy to install!

How to install a rain barrel


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  • rain barrel (we purchased the one in the link)
  • downspout (you probably already have one!)
  • pavers/foundation for rain barrel
  • screwdriver or wrench


The most important thing with the location of a rain barrel is that it is under a downspout (it needs water to run into it). Also, you want a flat surface but you can fix that by adding pavers or something else (dirt or gravel). We had to install a gutter to make this possible.

Talking about pavers, your rain barrel needs a foundation that brings it off the ground (this way a hose can be placed on it easily). We placed four 3.5″x12″ pavers under our rain barrel. Then the back has gravel (you need enough for the base of the barrel).


How to install a rain barrel

This part was very easy with the rain barrel we used. All it took was attaching the hose shutoff value, the overflow hose, and secure the top with the zip ties. It took me less than 10 minutes to unpack it from the box to have it ready to go.

How to install a rain barrel


Because you have the foundation already in place this will be simple. Place the rain barrel on the foundation and under the downspout. If you already have a downspout it will need to be cut so the barrel can fit under it.

And that’s it, just wait for it to rain so you can use it.

I hope this will help you see how easy it is to install a rain barrel. Do you want a rain barrel now?

How to install a rain barrel