Install A Toilet Repair Kit

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The inside parts of our toilet were in really really bad shape. Does anyone else have this problem? Just look at how sad…

Old Toilet Insides

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We decided that we were going to replace the old inside parts for the time being until we replace the toilet. To do this, we bought a toilet repair kit.

DIY Toilet Repair

Now if you have a Kohler toilet you will need to buy a tank gasket because the one included in the kit does not work for Kohler. We found this out the hard way. Plus, if your toilet supply line is older than 5 years, they recommend changing it.

Kohler extra toilet repair kit

The directions that came with the kit were confusing to us. We felt like they were everywhere and did not explain the process in the best way for us first timers. But we did figure it out with a couple of trial and errors. But here is what we found that worked for us.

Step 1: Turn off the water to the toilet, then drain the water from your tank. And pat dry with a towel.

Drain toilet water

Step 2: Disconnect the toilet supply line and install new one to turn-on valve not the toilet bowl.

Remove Toilet Supply Line

Step 3: Remove the bolts that are holding the toilet bowl to the toilet base. Look how nasty that is…. AND then CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN if you find what we found.

Under toilet tank

Step 4: We  found it was easier to remove all the old parts after the toilet bowl was removed from the toilet. After you have removed all the old parts, install the new ones. And I would explain this but every toilet is going to be different, sorry…

Repair toilet kit

And here is our new toilet insides. We did decide to keep the old handle because the new one was really cheap and we liked the look of our old one more.

Fix toilet

Our updated toilet…

Toilet Repair kit

Toilet Repair Kit – $16.00 (on sale)
Kohler Tank Gasket– $13.00
Toilet Supply Line – $5.80

TOTAL – $34.80

Does anyone else need to fix their toilet?

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