Spray Painting Pictures Frames

In our living room there is still no picture frames. Can you believe it, after almost 10 months of living in this house, we still have no pictures on the walls. It’s time to change that!

I started looking around to find frames to buy. But for how many frames I needed and the sizes, I was looking at a good chunk of money. I was talking to my mom one day when she told me she was going to get rid of a bunch of old frames. I got really excited and told her I would take them. FREE frames!! But they were all different colors and I was thinking black/white frames.

Spray Painting Pictures Frames

Solution to this problem was spray paint.

– Spray Paint
-Spray Paint Primer
-#400 Sandpaper
-Cardboard Box

First, remove the glass from the frame, only the frame is left. Next I took #400 sandpaper and lightly sanded the frames.

Then wiped all the frames clean and placed them on a cardboard box.

DIY Spray Painting Pictures Frames

Now take your primer and spray your frames. I did two coats of primer.

TIP on Spray Painting: When I first tried spray painting, I did not know what I was doing, sometimes I still wonder. But here is what I have found very useful. Always, always keep the can moving (back and forth, up and down). And spray in light coats, its better to do more coats.

Spray Painting Pictures Frames

After your primer has dried, take your colored spray paint and spray your frames. Again, I did 2-3 coats. Then I let them dry a good 24 hours before moving them.

Now its time to add the pictures and place them on the wall.

Top frames are spray painted and bottom are not. I think they turned out really well.

Side Note: I tried one frame without sanding and primer. The paint scratched off bring it into the house. But all the other frames have no scratches that I spray painted.

Spray Paint- $6
Primer- FREE (Already had, about $6)
Sandpaper- FREE (Already had, about $3)
Hangers- $3.90