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Removing Paint from Hinges

In the our hallway and bathroom, the hinges to the cabinets were completely painted over. I wanted to bring them back to their original look. Here is what all 12 hinges looked like:

and their hardware…

After removing them this is what they looked like. I had to sand all areas were the hinges were to make the paint level before repainting all the cabinets.

How to remove painted hinges:

I thought I would explain how I removed the hinges because after being painted over 4 times it was hard to get the screwdriver into the slot.

– Hammer
– Screwdriver

You will put your screwdriver straight up/down to the screw. Then take your hammer and hammer the screwdriver base a couple times.

Next take the screwdriver and tilt at a 45 degree angle. Take hammer and hammer the screwdriver again. This is making the slots deeper by removing the paint.

Now you can take your screwdriver and unscrew the screws. You may have to add a bit of pressure.

Hinges Off..

Place your hinges/screws in a metal can and place baking soda on top. Heat some water until boiling then pour in the can. Keep doing this at least everyday for a week.

Paint should come off pretty easy but for the hard spots take a steel brush and scrub off all the paint. After this my hinges looked like this:

I decided to sand them using #400 sandpaper and this is what it looked like after that:

So much better.

How to Sand Hinges:
-#400 Sandpaper
You need to use a very fine sandpaper, that is why I used #400.

Take sandpaper and sand

You will get a little dirty.

But the before and after are all worth it.

Remove paint from hinges

Here is the cost breakdown:
#400 Sandpaper- $4

Cost to buy new Hinges-
(#12) $3 per one= $36

Total Savings- $32