Remodel Love – Entryway By Little House of Four

Happy Friday! Are you ready for another feature from our Remodel Love series? I am… and I am excited to share today’s feature, really I am excited about all of them.

Today’s remodel was completed by Katie from Little House of Four, find her blog here. Katie is a wife and mother of 2. Eight years ago they purchased an extremely dated ranch style home, only after Katie convinced her husband that the house had great potential. Katie loves getting involved in house projects and they have completed most of the work themselves. Be sure to check out all of Katie’s projects on her blog, HERE

But let’s take a look at Katie’s entryway remodel.

plank wallsource

I have been loving plank walls for a while and I am dreaming of the prefect place to add one in our house. Another great thing is that this is a cheap project. You can see the tutorial to create your own plank wall here

What do you think of Katie’s entryway? I hope you are now dreaming of the prefect place to add a plank wall in your home. 

Special thanks to Katie for sharing her space and thank you for stopping by. 

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  1. Hi Megan! :)
    This entry way is beautiful! I love the plank wall and painting the inside of the door black made such a huge difference to the look of the space!
    When we moved into our home here 2 years ago my husband thought I was crazy for wanting to paint the inside of our front door a dark grey, but like Katie’s house it changed our entry way for the better!
    Have a wonderful week!

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