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Old Window Picture Frame

DIY shelf

Remember when we used some old windows for the doors of our TV stand? Well I got a couple more window frames and one was for my mom. She wanted a big family picture and we decided to use one of the window frames.

Old window frame

But instead of just painting the frame a solid color, I decided to give it a weathered look, it was an old window…

I started by scraping the old paint with a window razor and puddy knife, removing all the old flaking paint.

Remove chipping paint

Then lightly sanded the whole frame.

DIY Old Window Frame

Next I removed all the old caulk that was holding the glass in place because it was old and dirty. Then I wiped the frame with a wet cloth.

At this part I jumped the gun and applied some white acrylic paint to the frame. But if I did it again I would first apply a stain. So this is where I would have applied a special walnut stain to bring out the wood color of the frame.

DIY Old Window Frame

Next using Vaseline and a cotton ball, I applied vaseline to the areas I wanted to keep the way they were.

DIY Old Window Frame

Then I took a cheap paint brush and white acrylic paint and quickly painted the frame.

Paint old window frame

After the paint dried, I took a wet cloth and wipe the frame, making sure to remove the vaseline. Be careful when wiping the new paint because some will wipe off.

Then it was time to apply a new bead of caulk to the glass. I taped around the frame leaving about 1/8″-1/4″ from the frame.

Caulk glass into place

Then I applied the caulk, removing the tape after and letting it dry for 24 hours.

installing glass to cabinet door

Now the frame was ready for a finishing coat of Poly. After the poly dried, I added the photo and the frame was complete.

DIY picture frame

DIY old wooden window

Does anyone else have old wooden windows that they would like to update to a picture frame? I have one more window that I am going to make into a kids coloring station…