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Maybe One Day We Will Finish the Kitchen…

I thought I would give an update of our kitchen because it has been awhile. And guess what??? It’s slowly going…

After getting things going by removing the old laminate backsplash, we have added a the new window trim, finished the backsplash, and that’s about where it stops. I told you slow going, I am really enjoying the nice weather, plus we went on a couple of trips.

But the base cabinets have finally made some progress. Here is what they look like today.



I have finished stripping the paint from the cabinet, sanded everything, then added the new hinges/handles.

We were going back and forth about new hinges but in the end decided to get new ones to match the handles and help the doors function better. I installed the new hinges now because they are different from the old ones and I wanted to make sure everything fit before painting the doors, I did have to sand the doors to help them not rub together. Here is the difference between our old hardware (top cabinets) and new hardware (base cabinets), sorry picture was taken with my phone camera.


We then started looking at paint options and there was a lot… But we have finally narrowed it done to 5 options. What color do you like the best??? I am looking for any suggestions…


But before we can paint we needed to address our current drawers. They are solid wood, so they are heavy and run on wooden boards because they are 60+ years old. So they do not slide easy and they need some repairs to the wooden sliders. We had two options:

  1. Replace the wooden board with a new board (they still would not slide easily)
  2. Add new metal sliders

After talking about the options and what we wanted out of the kitchen, we decided to add new metal sliders. We plan on keep the cabinets because they are solid wood. So our kitchen is on hold again because we ordered some undermount drawer slides and now we have to adjust the drawer themselves…

And that’s where we are with our kitchen currently. But there is still some progress, I finished stripping the upper cabinets, YAY!!

Anyone else trying to figure out what to do with their kitchen?