Adding Trim Around Kitchen Window

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After 2 years our upstairs windows are all done, YAY!!! (Ok maybe not, I just remembered the bathroom one but that one is going to stay that way until we redo the bathroom in like 5 yrs…) This was our last window to add trim to because it has kitchen cabinets and a backsplash to work around. We decided to remove all the backsplash and then re-mud the wall to fix the holes.

And if you follow me on Instagram you would know that one day I could not take that backsplash anymore, so I ripped it out… Which got us moving on adding trim to the window. After filling in all the holes around the window with Sheetrock mud, just like last time. We were ready to add the trim to the window.

updating window trim-2

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Normally Eric helps with these types of projects but he was at work and I could not wait… (that happens a lot) I used the same 1″x4″ boards that we used with our other windows, see how we added window trim before. But this time I had to cut the boards down to the right size to fit with the cabinets.

To cut the wood to size, I measured the distance from the window to the cabinet then minus 1/8-3/16″. Next I took that measurement and traced it onto the wood. For the bottom trim piece, I measured the window then added an extra 9 1/4″, this will give it an 1″ overhang on both sides.

add window trim-2

This is what they looked like after we cut them down to size.

add window trim

This time around I decided to add 2 coats of primer before installing the trim. So I sanded all the wood then I added 2 coats of primer.

add window trim-3

After the primer had dried, I added the boards. First, I added the top board. To add the board, I applied liquid nails then nailed the board to the wall with 2″ nails.

add window trim-4

add window trim-5

Next I added the side pieces the same way as I added the top piece. Then lastly, I added the bottom trim piece, making sure to leave an 1″ overhang on both sides.

add window trim-7

add window trim-6

Then I filled in all the nail holes with spackling paste. After it had dried, I sanded all the nail spots until they were smooth. Next I vacuumed the area and filled the gaps between the wood & wall with caulk, see how to do that here.

After letting the caulk dry, I then added two more coats of primer. If you’re wondering why 4 coats of primer, it’s because our other trim has had some knots bleed through the paint.

After the coats of primer, I then added 2 coats of white paint, you can see how we painted our trim before here. Just keep in mind that we applied 4 coats of primer this time.

adding caulk to fix gaps-6

And here is a sneak peek of our window all framed out with the backsplash. Please look past the cabinets…

diy subway tile backsplash-21

You can see the whole process of DIY our windows here

Anyone else adding trim to their windows? Or do you want too?

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