Removing Laminate Backsplash

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Last year when we added trim around our windows, we had to chip away some of the laminate backsplash to make room for the new trim. So for almost a year our kitchen window has had broken plaster and chipped away laminate, plus we have not finished adding the framing to the window.

how to remove laminate backsplash

Lately, Eric and I have talked about finishing that window now the we have our own air compressor. And because we will need to remove some more of the backsplash, I suggested we just remove all of it and re-mud all at once. Eric thought that was a great idea but we should finish some other projects first. Sadly I agreed and worked on finishing the other projects.


But one day, I was doing the dishes looking at the unfinished window and well out came the tools… And now our backsplash looks like this, at least it all looks the same now.


If you follow me on Instagram you would know I did not tell Eric until it was done. He didn’t even say anything, he must love me! But in my defense, I was just going to try to remove the side piece to see how hard the backsplash was to remove. But it turns out that it was so EASY… So I continued with the rest of it.

Now onto how I removed the laminate backsplash.

Tools Needed:
– Utility Knife
– Puddy Knife
– Crow Bar

First I took my utility knife and cut along the edges of the backsplash. I did not push hard, I just cut the paint away from the backsplash.

Next I put my puddy knife in between the wall and the backsplash. Slowly I pulled the backsplash away from the wall. Then I put my crow bar (wonder bar) in between the wall and backsplash, again slowly pushing the laminate away from the wall.


After a couple of minutes I removed the side piece.

how to remove laminate backsplash

Before I started on the main section, I removed the outlets from the wall. And I did take this section in smaller pieces. Here is the pile of our old backsplash and I think someone called Wayne installed it. What do you think?


Thanks Wayne, it did look beautiful before I ruined it…

Now our kitchen is yellow (as my daughter says it). But at least its one step closer to being done.


I have already started on re-mudding the wall. It makes me happy!

Has anyone else randomly demoed something? Or do you want to demo your kitchen backsplash?

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  1. I literally have the exact same backsplash and counter… Same color and style! Gotta love it :] I’ll be taking mine out in the next few weeks, so I’ll send some pictures of the updates!!

    1. Hi, Mikaela! I cannot wait to see the updated space. Please send me pictures when you’re done!!

  2. Amanda Archote says:

    I have the same backsplash covering more swaths of wall. So excited to see it gone. Great DIY direction. In addition to this I may also remove the backsplash on the laminate counter if I think I can do so without wrecking it. Any tips for laying the tile?

    1. Thanks, Amanda! I have debated on removing the laminate on the counter also in hopes that the wood under could be used but I have not attempted it. So let me know how it goes if you do. And sorry I have not had the chance to lay tile yet but one day soon I will!!! I would love to see your finished space when you’re done be sure to send me pictures!

  3. my backsplash is just like this… except it’s faux yellow marble… with some bluish swirls here and there!! sounds pretty, huh??? WHY??? lol but it’s got the same angled piece on the perpendicular wall and it has the same metal trim on the sides and between the backsplash and the matching countertop!! been dying to take it off since we bought this house… just wasn’t sure how big of a project it could become!!! this helps a ton!!

    1. Hi Amie! The backsplash sounds amazing, why would you ever want anything else? LOL! Glad the post helped and I would love to see before and afters! Best of luck on your project.

  4. I have a very similar backsplash and have an up in the air with my husband about whether or not we should remove it or try the peel and stick tiles.vI kind of just want to try and rip it down now. When we first started redoing the kitchen it was covered in straight 60s style wood paneling and I just got so sick of it one day I ripped it all down. my husband thought I was nuts but when he realized all we had to do was skim coat and paint it was well worth it, hopefully the backsplash is the same.

    1. Best of luck Brenda!!!

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