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Ways to make it Pretty Outdoors by landscaping

Lots of ways to improve your homes curb appeal and make it pretty outdoors by landscaping projects.

Updating your homes curb appeal does not have to be hard but why not make it pretty too? Here is a list of lots of DIY tutorials on how to make it pretty outdoors by updating your landscaping.

make it pretty outdoors by landscaping

Update Curb appeal with landscaping:

The upkeep on landscaping does not need to be time-consuming. Expectably if you create a weed-free flower bed like Girl, Just DIY.

But maybe you have troubles keeping up with the watering, a great solution is installing a drip irrigation system. This system will only water the plant so it helps with keeping the weeds at away.

To help separate your flower bed from other areas of your yard, use this DIY brick garden border and edging tutorial from Pinspired to DIY. You will be amazing what this will do!!

What about creating a raised garden or flower bed? Add a garden or flower bed to any space by following along with this DIY Raised Garden Bed tutorial from House by the Bay.

If you do not have space have a standard garden bed maybe you need a vertical garden wall, use this DIY Vertical Garden Wall tutorial from The Handyman’s Daughter.

There are so many ways to update curb appeal with landscaping but have you thought about adding a garden around your mailbox? Use this DIY tutorial on how to create a mailbox garden by Zucchini Sisters.

Maybe you want to add a trellis to your house to make it look like plants are growing up the house. Shine Your Light Blog has a great DIY tutorial on how to build a simple custom sized wood trellis.

Maybe you just want to update an old pot, have you thought about painting it? Use this DIY tutorial on how to remove paint from clay pots by By Brittany Goldwyn to see how easy this can be.

Do you want to hide your AC unit? Add detail to your landscaping by building a DIY removable AC screen fence panel from Abbotts At Home.

I hope these DIY tutorials will help you update your homes curb appeal.