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House Projects Goals for 2018

I am freaking out that it is 2018!! Where in the world did 2017 go? Also, this month marks the 5-year mark of us owning and living in our home… This is double the amount of time we have ever lived in one place as a married couple and don’t tell anyone but… I am getting restless… Do you ever get that way?

Anyways back to the item at hand our house project goals for 2018. I started doing this years ago so that I can track how we are doing/did on our goals. So if you don’t want to hear anymore that’s fine but it could give you ideas of what projects you could see this year. And they are some BIG ones!!!

  • build a closet for bedroom downstairs (green room) – will be starting soon
  • egress some basement windows (2)
  • replace all basement windows
  • replace the roof (this has to be done!)
    • redo the front porch
  • add walls to the laundry room (maybe)
  • repaint walls in the red room in basement with waterproofing paint
  • insulate the basement
  • wire for lights & outlets in the basement
  • add drywall to the basement
  • completely remodel the green room in the basement (it’s one of the bedrooms)
  • paint ceiling in master bedroom, kids room, hallway, and kitchen
  • repaint all the walls in the upstairs (it’s been 5 years, it’s time!)
  • paint the siding on the garage
  • install window shutters to the front of the house
  • update the house number
  • move WiFi/phone jack to the basement
  • remodel the bathroom in the basement

And I hope that’s it! What is your big house goal for 2018? Ours is finishing the basement!

Here’s a picture of where we were 2 years ago!