Coming to the Realization about Decorating

Do you notice anything about our home? How about that we have very little decorating? Something that I have a hard time with is styling a space. Where do I begin? How do I make it look good? My goal for this year is to decorate my home. I want to walk into a space and say this is US!! Some are probably thinking that is so easy to do but guess what, it’s not for me… Just look at this wall in our living room, it has been this way for 3 years….


So I decided to start somewhere and that somewhere is with a theme for our family. A theme I want to be displayed throughout our whole house. And the theme we have picked is ADVENTURE! Because lets face it our whole life is an adventure. The main adventures we want to focus on are our travels, the time we spend together.

OK I have started somewhere and that is a theme for our house. I am in no way saying this is how it should be done but I do feel that a home should flow together, so why not a theme? But how do I decorate it? I recently watched a video on some styling secrets and I wanted to share what I learned because let’s face it, I had NO idea about any of it.

1. You need VARIATION!

This will draw interest to your decor because it should vary. This can be done by using items that are different heights, shapes, and textures.

2. Arrange items (footprints) in odd numbers.

The strongest number in arranging is THREE. You can also stack items together (odd number again) and that would be considered one footprint.

3. Create visual triangles in your decor.

I really like this one!! And because I am worried that I will slaughter how amazing it is, how about you see an example done by Teal & Lime for Wayfair, find it here!

4. The rule of thirds

This one is used in photography and it is the same concept. Place your main focal point or object where the vertical and horizontal lines intersect on the grid, not directly in the middle.

5. Break the plane up

(I am combining 3 of her secrets together into one because I feel like they are almost the same). This is how you add depth and dimension to your decor. It can be done by layering and stacking items. Example: tray under an object, rugs, blanket behind pillow, or something behind/inside of something. Another way is by adding an object with interest. Example: fan, shapes, plants, animal figurines, etc…

How did you like those tips? I am not saying that I will be following all these guidelines or tips but I will be thinking about them now when I am attempting to decorate. Another thing I really want is our home is for it to be a space where our kids can be there crazy little self’s and not having to worry about what they will break. But this does not mean that I cannot decorate, it means I really need to think about a space and the things that go into it.

Something we did differently with our kids yearly pictures this year, was to find a picture of them in their element. This means I need to have the camera at hand most of the time but guess what? The pictures we picked, we are loving so much more than previous years because it is exactly our kids. So in my attempt to decor our home I want everything to not feel staged, it has meaning to our family, and we can look at it and remember an adventure from it.

Here is a preview of our gallery wall.

travel gallery wall

What do you think? Any more suggestions because I am looking for them!!!

how to decorate your home

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    the galley wall is a nice start in the room xx

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