Stopping Leaking from the Outside

One lovely evening it started raining, we decided to go downstairs and make sure there was no water coming into our basement (we do this every time it rains). But guess what, there was… And it was come in from the electric box (middle box where all the power comes into the house) a little scary and not a good thing.

Only way to fix it was go outside and dig up some dirt. (Dig up my new grass that was growing there, sad day..) Here are the pipes were the water was coming into the house.

This was not the first time this had happened. I was looking at the electric box and there was rust were the water was coming it. I think we had not seen any water until I had been watering, watering, and watering for the new grass. And I believe it helped that we buried our gutters. See how wet the ground is, this was a couple of days later and its still wet.

Stopping Leaking from the Outside

How to Waterproof Foundation:

Supplies Needed:
-All Weather Roof Cement (Found in the roofing section at a hardware store, its tar)
-Wire Brush
-Plastic Putty Knife (You will want to throw away after you are done)
-Plastic Gloves (You will want them!)

If thing you need to do is dig around your foundation. Then you need to clean the area. Use the wire brush to make sure everything comes off. Now you are ready for the Roof Cement/Tar. Make sure you put your gloves on now (we did two layers, just in case one ripped). Take your putty knife and put into the sticky, sticky cement/tar.

Stopping Leaking from the Outside

Place cement/tar onto the foundation covering all areas. (See how we covered the pipes going into the house).

We let the cement/tar sit for 24 hours before putting the dirt back.

We have not had any rain coming into our house again but we will keep you updated.

All Weather Roof Cement $16
Wire Brush- $7 (I bought a big nice one)
Plastic Putty Knife- $1.50
Plastic Gloves- $1.50

Total COST- $26

And we have lots of cement/tar leftover…