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Painting The Window Trim

Our house is looking a little bit brighter today. That’s right, we finally finished painting our window trim. HAY!!! Here are our windows after we install the trim then prepped the windows for paint.

DIY Window Trim

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– Paint
– Primer
Paint Brush
Foam Roller

The first step to painting the window trim was the primer. We used KILZ Premium and yes that is a 5 gallon bucket (I have other plans for this primer).

Painting Window trim

First, I took my paintbrush and cut-in around the window and painted over the knots in the wood.

Window Trim

Then I used the foam roller, this is one of my new favorite painting tools because it gives you a very smooth finish. But I will give you tips on how to use a foam roller in the future.

Window started priming

After letting the primer dry for 1 hour, I applied a second coat. Can you see the difference between the one and two coats? Top & left trim pieces have two coats.

DIY Window Trim

Lets take a closer look…

1and2 primer coat

After the primer dried, (I let it sit overnight because I was tired of painting for the day) it was time for paint. I used BEHR Ultra Plus in Ultra Pure White. This is so far my favorite paint I have used to date.

Painting Window TrimI did the same thing as I did with the primer, cut-in then rolled, waited until dry then added a second coat.

Paint Cup

Here is a picture with the difference between the paint and primer, I have cut-in along the window with paint.

Window- Paint Cutting In

Our house has been in a mess for this whole project and I cannot wait to get things back together.

Messy House

And now our window trim is all painted!!!

Installing Window Trim

Now I just need to touch up the paint around the windows then I can finally check this off our list. Anyone else DIYing their windows?


  1. We are redoing our window trim around our doors and windows. I am so glad you posted this because I am just getting to my first windows where I want to add a sill. I know you didn’t go with a sill but I have been using MDF for my trim up until now but for the sills I want to use wood and was worried about how to get the wood primed and painted an equally nice bright white sheen. I feel a lot better about it after seeing your success and method. Looks great, Thanks for sharing!

    1. Your welcome Ashley! I would love to see your finished trim… I know it will look amazing.

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