New Underground Plumbing

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YAY!!! We have some new plumbing! Which means we are not washing our dishes in the bathtub, anyone… And if you missed the previous post about relining our main line and breaking up some cement, these posts will give you the back story of our current plumbing issue. Here are our old pipes:

replace plumbing in house

After demoing the cement and removing the dirt, we were ready for the new pipe. We feel very lucky that my dad was able to come one evening to do the plumbing to connect the kitchen sink, dishwasher, and washing machine to the main line. He came on a Thursday, we had been without a kitchen sink for 2 days and the plumber we hired could not come until Monday, another 4 days…. The plumber was still was coming to do the rest of the plumbing.

While my dad was doing the plumbing, he told us we should probably redo all the other plumbing too. So now that is on our list of things to do this year…

Here is the plumbing my dad did from the kitchen drain:

underground plumbing

I had my dad add pipe to be able to move the washing machine next to the dryer in the future.

And here is the plumbing that the plumber did:

redo plumbing

We decided, at last minute, that we wanted to add a floor drain in the storage room because we plan on moving the water heater into that room. He was also so kind to add a new clean out valve on the main stack.

underground plumbing-7

Because we have not replaced all the stack, he had to brace the cast iron pipe so that it would not crush the new pipe.

underground plumbing-6

For the cost of re-plumbing, we paid the plumber $762 for all the plumbing going to the bathroom. Which included cutting into the main stack and he had a fun time with that… The cost for the part my dad did was about $100 and that price was only for the supplies. So we spent a total of right around $862 for this part of the plumbing.

replace plumbing

Now we just need to fill in all the holes with dirt then add about 4″ of cement. We are feeling very blessed that we are fixing the problem before it became an issue and that we just received enough money from Eric’s bonus + tax return to cover the costs. Another blessing is that we are able to do a lot of the work.

Anyone one dealing with plumbing issues???

See the other steps of this adventure here:

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