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Door Knob Test

All the door knobs in our house are brass and looking really sad. We do not have the money to replace every knob in our house. So I started looking into other options and found that people spray paint door knobs. I decided to give it a try…

Side note: my camera is not working most of the time, so some pictures are not the greatest. I am just trying to decide what camera to buy then we will have better pictures…

Door Knob:

First, I removed the knob from the door and using #400 sandpaper, sanded the parts that would be painted. This will help the paint hold to the knob better. Then I cleaned the knob.

Picture shows left side sanded and right side not.

Next its painting time…. I used Rust-Oleum Primer and Oil Rubbed Bronze paint.

Lightly spray primer on all parts (make sure you are doing the screws too), I did two coats of primer about 10 minutes in between. After one hour, I lightly sprayed them with the bronze paint and did 3 light coats about 20 minutes in between each.

(I used toothpicks to hold up some of the parts, worked really well)

update door knob

I then let the knobs sit for 2-3 days before putting them back on the door.

Here is the door with the new knob…

I think it looks a lot better but I am testing to see how it holds up before I do the other 5 doors plus hinges. I plan on giving it one month.

Cost of Spray Painting Knobs:
Primer- $6
Paint- $8
Sandpaper- FREE (already had, I think it was $4)
TOTAL- $14

They say that you can do at least 7 knobs with one primer and paint can. If the test works I will let you know how much I can do with one can.