Add Contact Paper to Cabinet Drawers

Today we are back talking about the kitchen, I wish it was something exciting like painting the cabinets but sadly it is not. Still have some more prep before I am there! After resizing and adding metal slides to the cabinet drawers, I wanted to add contact paper to give the bottoms of the drawers a clean surface. So I thought I would share how easy and cheap the process was. I paid about $8 for plain white contact paper, this should be enough for my cabinet shelves also. 


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Contact Paper
– Razor Knife
– Scissors
– Heavy Card: like credit card

First remove your drawer from the cabinet frame and place it on a solid surface (table/floor). Take your contact paper and cut it 1/4″ bigger on all sides than the cabinet base. I placed the paper on top of the drawer and cut from there but you could measure. 


Next remove the backing from the contact paper. You want to remove all of it, unless you are adding this to a large area. Place the paper into the drawer and align as well as possible, making sure to not press the paper to the cabinet base.

Now starting in the center of the contact paper, take your card and smooth the paper onto the drawer. Work your way around the drawer from the center out, this will help remove any air bubbles.

TIP: Remove all the backing first and start in the center. I did not do this for some of my drawers and they did not turn out clean and crisp. Like picture below there are creases in the contact paper.

Once you get to the edges, press the paper to give you a crease around the base of the drawer.


Take the razor knife and cut into the crease all around the base.


Remove the extra paper and your drawer is DONE!!


Here is our cabinet drawers before and after adding contact paper.


That is a cheap and easy way to update your cabinet drawers. You could also purchase contact paper with a design on it or colored. What do you think?