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How we did on our 2017 House Goals

WOW, I cannot believe it is the end of the year… But like always I wanted to share (more for myself) how we did on our 2017 house goals.

Our house in 2016

Here is how we did this year with our goals:

  • update master closetDONE
  • paint ceiling in master bedroom, kids room, hallway, and kitchen
  • add recessed lights to the kitchen and remove old ceiling lights
  • update living room closet – DONE but I have not shared yet!
  • add artwork to kids room – DONE
  • build a shed – DONE this was a big project!
  • egress some basement windows
  • replace all basement windows
  • add lighting in the basement
  • build a closet for bedroom downstairs (green room) – will be starting soon
  • add walls to the laundry room
  • add storage to the stairway
  • paint walls on the stairway
  • remodel the green room in the basement
  • repaint walls in the red room in basement with waterproofing paint
  • add sprinklers to the backyard
  • install an automatic sprinkler system
  • move WiFi/phone jack to the basement

THE extra list –

  • redo duck work – DONE
  • replace furnace & A/C -DONE
    • move A/C unit – DONE
    • add a gas line to kitchen stove -DONE
  • insulate basement
  • add drywall to the basement
  • remove the wall between living room & kitchen
  • replace roof
    • add a new porch
    • add covered walkway between house and garage

Next week I will be sharing our goals for 2018!! And they are some BIG ones!

PS. I would suggest you take the time to set house goals every year!