Winterize a drip irrigation system

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Now that we made our life a little easier by installing a Drip Irrigation System and let me tell you I have loved having our drip system, this thing is amazing!!! But with winter just around the corner, things are getting colder which means we need to winterize before we have a water problem. This is how to winterize a drip irrigation system or how we did it! But if you are looking at installing a drip irrigation system check out how we installed ours.

Drip Irrigation System

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First, you will need an air compressor. If you do not have one start asking around and I bet there is someone that will let you use theirs

You will also need an air blowing gun attachment. Here is an example of the one I used.

winterize drip system

Next you will remove your end fittings (figure eight), you need to make sure that the 1/2″ tubing has two sides open. From one open side and using the air blowing gun attachment, blow air through the 1/2″ tubing.

winterize drip system

You will want to continue doing this for awhile making sure all the water exits the tubing, we did this for at least 5 minutes. Now reattach your end fitting onto your 1/2″ tubing. And detach your system from the hose faucet. Now your system is all ready for winter!

winterize drip system

SIDE NOTE: If your drip system is part of your sprinkler system, you will need to flush the water from those lines from your backflow preventer. Make sure to open all the valves manually then use the air compressor. You will not want any of those lines freezing. 

And next spring when you want to turn on your drip system, just attach your system back to the hose faucet and turn it on. Anyone else winterizing?

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