TOP 6 DIY Post of the Year

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With the year coming to a close, I wanted to look back and see what the TOP posts where for the year 2015.

Top 6 posts for 2015 by TwoFeetFirst

The number 1 post of the year was how we updated our kitchen cabinets doors for cheap. Since painting the cabinets, I am now wanting to change the wall color, so this is another project in the works…


Number 2 on the list was our DIY Barrel Chair makeover. We removed the cane from the sides and added fabric in its place…

transform cane chair

Number 3 is how to make new wood look old, we used this with our kitchen pendant lights we created plus are using it on another project we are working on right now!

add character to any wood

Number 4 is how we fixed the chipped concrete steps, we completed this project back in May and they are still holding up amazing (still look exactly the same as the after picture but only dry…). An easy and cheap fix!!!

repair cement steps

Number 5 on this list is our DIY Tree Stump Table. This is the most used furniture piece in our house. Our kids love playing on it, watching TV, and doing their coloring projects on it. And I am not stressing over what they will do to it. We LOVE this thing maybe that’s why we have 3…


Last but not least number 6 is our DIY Cheap Kitchen Backsplash. I just realized that I do not have a picture of the backsplash after painting the cabinets, I need to get on that, but you can see them in the first picture in this post… Anyways, this is how we painted a subway tile backsplash in our kitchen for less than $28.

diy subway tile backsplash-15

And that is our top 6 post for the year 2015, cannot wait to see what 2016 brings because we have some big plans in the basement!!! Which post was your favorite???

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