How to Reupholster Wingback Chair

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It’s easy to learn how to reupholster a wingback chair once you master the basic steps – and you can tackle any style of chair!

Friends, it’s official: I have now upholstered 3 chairs! I never thought this was something I could do myself but once I finished one, the others got much easier.

And I even modified this wingback chair to fit our style better. 

My husband did a lot of the upfront labor because it’s his chair…and that was the deal if I was going to help him. 

Well, no argument there! I suffer from carpal tunnel and removing all the staples does a number on my hands, so the hubby had to do that part :)! 

Find our other two chair makeovers:

Let’s take a look at how to reupholster a wingback chair.

A few months ago, my parents found this chair for us for FREE! We did not like the wings on the chair, so we removed them.

Are you ready for a before and after? Well, here you go!

Wingback chair makeover

What do you think?

The process of redoing this chair is very similar to our other chair so if you want a more detailed tutorial, head over to that post

A huge TIP for redoing any chair is to take lots of pictures as you’re removing the old fabric so you will know how to position the new fabric.

Speaking of fabric, my husband found this colorful fabric at our favorite local fabric store (sad news, I just found out that they are going out of business). We bought 6 yards and it cost around $44. 

Let me give you a list of the recommended materials you will need to redo your chair.

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How to Reupholster Wingback Chair


  • fabric – 6 yards
  • 5/32″ pipingI try to reuse the old whenever possible
  • upholstery tack strips (metal ones) – to attach some fabric pieces
  • cardboard tack strip gives a crisp line in the fabric
  • 1/2″ staples – I find mine at my local hardware store
  • zipper
  • thread
  • batting – I like to add new/more depending on the style of the chair
  • sandpaper, stain, & Polycrylicto refinish the legs


  • stapler – I use this one that comes with my air compressor
  • needle nose pliers


I always reuse the old fabric as a pattern for my new fabric but I add at least 2″ extra inches on most sides, just to make sure I have enough fabric. Eventually, I trim some of this extra fabric off after adding it to the chair.

Here is the chair before removing the wings:

remove wings from wing back chari

And here it is after adding the fabric to the chair:

reupholster wing back chair

So what do you think of our new chair? 

I am loving the fabric! Our ‘new’ wingback chair found a home in our master bedroom.  It does not take up too much room and hubby loves it!

Do you have any questions? I hope our previous chair tutorial will answer some of them for you.

Upholstery wingback chair



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    i love love the fabric … i am so scared to try upholstering but you two have no fear xx

    1. Thanks Chris we love it too! PS we are always afraid but we will never know if we can do it unless we try, lol.

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