Removing Tile from the Window Sill

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If you remember about this time last year we replaced our old windows. We are finally getting to the inside of the windows. Before we can add trim to the new windows, we needed to remove the old inside windows (there were two windows) and remove the tile from the window sill.

Window Tile

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Tools we used:

Chisel (I would suggest 1 1/2″ not a 1/2″ like we used)
Putty Knife
Safety Glasses
-Old Sheet

SuppliesWhen we first started this project we thought removing the tiles was going to be an easy thing. The tiles would just come up but they did not just come up. We found that there was about 1 1/2″ of mortar under the tile until we found the brick. This is the easier way we have found on removing the tiles from the window sill.

First, we took our safety glasses and put them on (the tile can chip and fly), placed the sheet down to catch most of the debris. Then with our putty knife and hammer, we hammered around all the sides of the tile. We found that the wall would crack where the mortar ended but test your window first. Then we used our chisel and hammer, to chisel around the sides to break the mortar away from the brick.

Removing Window Tile 1

Then we worked to get the tile out in sections. Here is our big chunk of tile and mortar.

Removing Window Tile 3

Our window sill after removing all the tile/mortar.

Removing Window Tile 4

After taking the shop-vac and cleaning the area.

Removing Window Tile 5

Now our windows look like this. We have completed 4 of the 8 windows so far. Now just get them finished by trimming them out, I can not wait to see what it looks like! Oh and bonus, I can finally have blinds, no more sheets over the windows, YAY!!!

Window Tiles Removed

Does anyone else want to remove their window sill and update it with something else?

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  1. Hi there, we just did this with our kitchen window. What method did you use to repair/complete the project? I’m considering using drywall mud to smooth out the surface and place a poplar board over top or chisel out the rest of the drywall down to the framing and then adding poplar board. Thank you! – Peter

    1. Hi Peter. Because we had a big gap we put a 2×6 board (cut to size) then the trim board, talked about that in our installing window jambs post. I did add drywall mud to smooth the edges of the wall to give me a smooth surface to add the trim, see that process. Good luck with your windows and let me know if you have any other questions.

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