New Flower Bed Plants

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If you remember from last week post, I talked about our flower bed makeover. After watering my plants the other day, I decided I needed to do a break down of all of our new plants. This is more for me so I can remember what plants we have…

Before getting our plants, I did lots and lots of research. I wanted plants that did not need tons of watering and could handle the heat in the summer, plus the cold winters. Of course we got a couple of plants that were not on my list, either because they did not have the one I wanted or we saw something we wanted…

Let’s start in the front of the house where we rearranged some of the old plants and added some new ones. Sorry, I am not sure what all my old plants are called.

Front of HouseThese are some of the plants that were not on my list but we liked the possibility of flowers in summer. In the back row, we have Lilies. We bought 5 different kinds and mixed them around. The 5 kinds we got were ‘Mona Lisa’ (white & pink), ‘Tango Orange Art’ (orange with black, if you could not tell by the name), ‘Tango Tiger Play’ (yellow), ‘Stargazer’ (pink), and ‘Tiny Dino’ (orange). 

In  front of the lilies we got a ‘Paula Fay’ Peony. Which is a hot pink flower that blooms in late spring. 

Lilies and PeonyOn the corner of the house we wanted something that would have appeal during the winter. This way our house would not be so bare in the winter months. We decided to add a ‘Pucker Up Red Twig’ Dogwood. This plant will get to the size of 3-4 ft tall and wide, plus during the winter the stems are a bright red. I can not wait to really see what it looks like.

Then we added some more Lilies here and there.

Red Twig Dogwood

Side of HouseOn the side of the house we transplanted some of the spiky plants (not sure what they are called) but these are not looking very hot. We are hoping they will pull out of it but if not we will get a different plant. We also planted some more Lilies here. 

Side of House Plants 2The tulips and other flowers did not handle being replanted very well but they will come back just fine next year, I hope. Just look how sad the spiky plant looks, we will see if it comes back. 

Side of House Plants 1On this corner of the house, we planted a Green Tower Boxwood. This plant will grow to 9 ft tall and 1-2 ft wide but it will stay green all year round. Pretty excited to have green all year round.

Green Tower BoxwoodIn the back, we needed plants that could handle shade, lots and lots of shade. Starting right to left, we planted a ‘Green Velvet’ Boxwood and an ‘August Moon’ Hosta.

Shade Plants(Left to Right)- ‘Green Velvet’ Boxwood, ‘Striptease’ Hosta, Bleeding Heart, and ‘Otto Luyken’ English Laurel. 

I did not plan on buying the Bleeding Heart but the hubby liked the look a lot. We wanted a different English Laurel but the store did not have that kind so we got the one that they recommended. We really wanted plants that could do well in the shade and some that would stay green all year round.

Shade Plants

I will keep you updated on how things are growing later in the year. But for right know things are looking good. Anyone else planting some new plants or doing a little bit of gardening? 

PS: I plan on adding our drip system this weekend!!! I am so excited… no more hand watering!

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