Moving a Sprinkler

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Do you every wonder why a sprinkler is in one location? Maybe it should be moved a couple of inches in a different direction… We have a sprinkler just like that by our garage. Here to be exact.

adjust sprinkler

See how it is about 10″ away from the corner of the grass. By the end of the summer, this little spot is turning yellow because it does not get a good watering. After adjusting a sprinkler in our front yard because it had sunk into the ground (so we raised it), we then had extra supplies to fix this sprinkler or move it.

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– funny pipe
– razor knife
– pipe cutters
– shovel
– bucket

It will depend on your sprinkler system but newer systems are done this way. If your system is older and only has PVC pipe, you can buy the connectors to add funny pipe to the system. 


This tutorial will work to move or adjust a sprinkler but again your system could be a little a different. First we removed the grass around the sprinkler plus were we wanted to move the sprinkler. We started digging out the dirt in the area, until we got to the PVC pipe and bottom of the sprinkler. We placed the dirt in the bucket.


Next we cut the old funny pipe with our pipe cutters, making sure not to cut the PVC fittings.


Then we took the razor knife and cut the funny pipe from the fittings that connected to the PVC pipe and sprinkler.


TIP: Make sure you clean your sprinkler. Our sprinkler was filled with dirt and could not pop up all the way until we cleaned it. 

I attached the new funny pipe to the PVC pipe fitting. Then we cut the new funny pipe to the new length we wanted. Now we could connect the funny pipe to the sprinkler fitting. At this point we placing the sprinkler were we wanted it and filling in hole with the dirt, making sure to compact the dirt so the sprinkler does not move.

relocate sprinkler

We also added a little water to help compact the dirt. Then we put the grass back and adjusted the sprinkler head by watering the area.

adjust sprinkler

And that’s how we adjusted and moved our sprinklers. This only cost us $3 to move two sprinklers and we still have enough pipe left to adjust two more sprinklers. Anyone else need to fix their sprinklers? It really is not as hard as you think…

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