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The process of installing window wells for a basement

After enlarging the basement windows, we needed to install new window wells. This is the process we used installing window wells for a basement.

install new window wells

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Find the list of tools we use.

This is how we installed window wells after expanding our basement windows. So please note that we already had the dirt dug to the size we needed to fit the new window well.

hole for expanding basement window

Also, I searched high and low for the exact size of the window well we needed but I could not find them in our area and shipping cost where outrageous. So we ended up with wells that are larger than normal but they still work and look good!


First, we had to add some dirt to the hole to make the window well slightly higher than the ground level (we wanted ours about 4″ higher). Then we placed the well into the hole, centered it to the window, and made sure the well itself was level.

place window well

Next was drilling a hole to attach the well to the foundation. We did one hole at a time and used our rotary hammer to drill the hole (this tool is amazing when it comes to concrete!), make sure to follow the instructions for the anchor you are using.

drill hole to attach window well

Then we took the anchor, hammered it into the hole and then using a regular drill tightened the nut of the bolt. Then we moved to the next hole. SIDE NOTE: We used 4-5 on each side and our window wells 54″wide x48″ deep x 36″ projection.

sleeve anchors to attach window well

window well attached

Once the window well was attached to the foundation, we filled the inside of the well with 3″ of gravel, this is for water draining. SIDE NOTE: We wanted the gravel to be only a couple of inches below the window, so we did have to add some dirt first before the gravel.

Next was filling in the dirt around the well. To do this, we would place some dirt (used a 5-gallon bucket) then we would compact it by stepping on it. After we would add more and compact again, we did this until the dirt was back to where it needed to be.

compacting dirt around window well

And that’s the process we used to install our new window well for a basement.

new window well installed