Installing a Garage Threshold

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Our garage as a water issue, water comes in every time it rains under the garage door. We started looking into a solution and decided on adding a threshold. But first I needed to clean the garage and it was messy. See the towel, we had to leave for the rain, just sad.

I took my Shop-Vac and a bucket of cleaner (water and soap).

Here is a picture before cleaning.

My little helper that does a great job with the shop-vac.

After I went over everything with the shop-vac, it was time to clean the area.

The directions that came with the threshold, said to clean with rubbing alcohol. Here is a picture after cleaning with water/soap and the rubbing alcohol. Looks so much better…

Here is the kit that we purchased from the Home Depot, we decided on the Tsunami Seal in Gray. We used a different caulk gun because the one in the kit was really cheap but everything you need is in the kit. You will just need scissors (to cut the liquid nail tip), razor (to cut the threshold), and a pencil. Then just follow the instructions provided, it was easy.

First, we unrolled the threshold and re-rolled the opposite way. Then we place the threshold on the ground of the garage. The directions said to do this on a different step, but we found it easier to cut the threshold to fit right now, using a razor.

After closing the garage door, push the threshold until it stops. (We found it easier to make sure the threshold was under the garage door already but not all the way under). 

With the garage door still closed, take your pencil and mark a line of where the threshold will sit on both sides. Then move garage door to up position and move threshold.

Take your caulk gun and insert liquid nails, cut tip at 1/4″. Then following the instructions, caulk in three lines the length of the markings.

Next take your threshold and place (sorry no picture had our hands full) make sure you are following your pencil lines.

Install garage threshold

Then close the garage door and leave it closed for 24 hours. After that your all done….

I still want to caulk around our garage door a little and install a new weather stripping on the garage door (our old one is falling off and does not go the length of the door)

UPDATE: We had a really really big rain storm 2 days after installing the threshold. We had only a little bit of water inside our garage and that was because of the not caulking around the door and adding the weather stripping on the door. Before we would have had water everywhere. We are very happy with the threshold….

**UPDATE** It has been over 6 months from installing the garage threshold, during this time we have had countless storms and gone through winter. This thing is amazing, we have not had any water coming into our garage and it helps keeps leaves, dirt, animals/bugs out.

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