How’s that Project Holding Up – Painted Subway Tile

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Can you believe it? It has now been over a year since we painted our kitchen backsplash to look like subway tile. Yes you heard me correctly, I said painted. But I want to share how this project is holding up after one year!

If you missed the tutorial of creating your own Subway tile backsplash for cheap, less than $30, you can find it here.

First let’s start with a picture of the space today.

update kitchen cabinets without replacing them

How about a close up of the painted tile?

Update your kitchen backsplash for cheap by using paint!

Update your kitchen backsplash for cheap by using paint!

Our space before looked like this:

kitchen cabinets before

We have updated a lot of the space, see all the other tutorials listed below!

Back to the backsplash, in my honest opinion, this project has held up wonderfully!

Would I do it again? YES!!

I do not wipe the area all the time. But every time I do whatever is on it (wet or dried) cleans off easily. Just like on a wall but easier because it’s a glossy paint! I think the wall looks exactly like it did the day I finished it.

Now there is one thing I would change with the process of creating the wall.

  1. make the gray grout color smaller, less of a gap like a grout line, something like this or this. I would like to try using the auto tape lots of people have suggested. Has anyone tried it? I would love to know how it works.

And that is really the only thing that bugs me with this project is the grout paint line is bigger then I want. But that’s it…

Do I feel like this is what I will always have? I don’t know but I love how easy it is plus the price is great also! And would I do it again? YES YES YES! Hope this helps you decided if you want to paint your backsplash. But if you have any questions, please ask!

Update your kitchen backsplash for cheap by using paint!

Here is the list of projects we have completed in the kitchen so far:

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  1. Wow! You are so creative! I have a white laminate backsplash and white laminate countertops. We are replacing our stove soon, and I’d love to update our backsplash. This might be a solution that I can afford! I have a couple of questions, though: first, do you know if the process or supplies are different to paint directly onto laminate? Also, when someone walks into your kitchen, can they tell that it is painted? It looks great in the pictures and I cant tell the difference. I’ll be painting the area behind my (future) stove up to the ceiling as well as behind the counters, so it will be quite a bit of space. Thanks so much! I love your blog!

    1. Thanks Amy!!! With laminate, I would suggest trying to lightly sand the area before (this makes it easier for the primer to adhere) and make sure to use a primer that can adhere to that surface. Sometimes you can skip the sanding if the laminate is not very shiny. As for your second question, most people have no clue that I painted the backsplash. And if they find out they are shocked! The only time you can tell is if you are up close looking. Hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck!!! Let me know if you have any questions plus I love before and after pictures!!!

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