How’s that Project Holding Up – Chipped Concrete Steps

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A little over a year again, I shared how we fixed our chipped concrete steps, here. This has been a big stopping point when people visit the blog, so I wanted to share how’s that projects holding up after one year.

But before I do how about I remind you what we were working with before this project.

repair concrete steps

And here is the same step today.

fix broken concrete steps

So how about I share how the steps are holding up or what I think about this project.

Would I do it again? YES!

In my honest opinion, I would do this project again in a heartbeat. I feel that this project is well worth the money (less than $20). I am not saying that it is a forever fix but it will last for a couple of years.

Anything wrong?

  1. One of the corners of the step is not holding up as well as the rest. Here is a picture of concrete corners
    • Things I would do differently to help fix the problem:
      • On the corners, I should have attached an anchor to the existing step to help it be a stronger hold.
      • On that same corner, I did not make the new concrete as level as it should have been with the old concrete.
  2. There was some cracking while the steps were drying.
    • Thing’s I would do differently to help fix the problem:
      • The places where there are cracks are where I mixed and added more concrete. So next time I would have someone mixing my next batch while I was placing the other.

Other than these two things the steps are holding up really well. I was planning on this being a two-year fix when I did it but I am starting to think it could be longer. SIDE NOTE: These steps are located where we come inside and out of our house multiple times a day, plus they have gone through one Utah winter. 

Does anyone else need to redo a concrete step? I would recommend you try this before ripping them out because that would cost a lot more $$$. Here is where you can find how to repair concrete steps.

repair concrete steps

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