How to easily install outlet boxes

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Have you ever had to install an outlet box? There are things you need to think about, like the distance from the floor and how far it needs to be from the wall. And if you have to install more than 2, you will want an easier way to install an outlet box because who wants to pull out a tape measure each time.

And here is what your solution will look like.

outlet box template for basement

A template out of some sort of 1/2″ material (I have used drywall and plywood before).

And here is how you can make your own template.


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  • outlet box
  • 1/2″ drywall or plywood (approximately 8″x24″)


  • drywall knife or jigsaw
  • hammer
  • tape measure and pencil

Find the list of tools we use.


You could be wondering how does this make it easier? Let me show you how this template works.

When the template is placed on the floor and on a stud it gives you exactly where your outlet box should be placed.

Take an outlet box and place it into the hole and along the stud, see picture for example.

easy way to install outlet box

Make sure the box is flush with the template and nail the box into the stud. And now move onto the next box.

install outlet box

TIP: You can flip your template to add a box to a different side of a stud.


First, you need to decide how far off the ground you want your outlet box 12″-16″ is the standard for a plug.

Mark the longer side of the drywall (or plywood) to that measurement and close to one edge of the material. This line will let you know exactly where the bottom of the outlet box will be.

Take the outlet box and trace it onto the drywall using the pretraced line and edge of the material as a guide. After cutting out the traced lines of where the outlet box will be.

Then test your cut by making sure the outlet box fits (it will be flush with the drywall, not all the way through because the nails would be in the way). Adjust if you need to and if its good your template is complete.

easy way to install outlet box

This method saves time because you’re not measuring at each spot you need to add an outlet box and you know exactly where the box needs to sit to be level with drywall.

Now when you’re finishing a basement or just needing to add a lot of outlet boxes, you will have a faster way to do it.

easier way to install outlet box

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