How Much Does it Cost to Build a Shed?

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Hooray, we are officially done with building our shed! 

We planned it out on paper, bought all the supplies and took our time with each phase. Of course, we learned a lot along the way and in the end, it’s so rewarding when you build something yourself! 

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Now, let’s review how much it cost to build this shed. 

Remember our shed is 6’x10′ with a paver foundation.

How to build a Shed

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(I have rounded up dollar amounts!)

2×4’s = $174
2×6 treated & 3/4″ plywood = $97
metal roof = $250
siding = $540
sheating = $211
nails = $68
house wrap & flashing = $140
paint = $55
other = $71
cedar door = $97
shelves = $34

TOTAL COST = $1,737

I know that you can buy a shed for less than this but if you want a high-quality or custom shed, they normally start at $1,800 (or probably more). Here are some examples of sheds that Home Depot offers.

And if you are like us and need a custom shed to fit a specific space, it will be cheaper to make it yourself. We also had the chance to add personalized details like the cedar door and wooden windows.

Let’s break down the steps for you to build your shed:

  1. To start your shed build, you need a shed plan. In another post, I share how to create a shed plan.
  2. Before you can build any part of the shed, you need to establish a foundation. For our shed build, we decided on and installed a paver foundation. In addition to the pavers, we added gravel around the area to keep grass away and help with water draining off the shed roof.
  3. After you have the foundation for the shed, you will build the shed floor plus the walls of the shed.
  4. Then, you will build the lean-to roof and attach to the structure.
  5. Next, you will install the shed siding and trim, this does include painting the shed. 
  6. After, you will want to build a shed door. In our case, we built a cedar door. 
  7. At this point your shed is complete but if you want to organize the inside, you will want to build storage shelves for the shed

This was our first BIG build and we were a little nervous – we probably did a few things wrong initially or went overboard with the level of planning. But as with any project we’ve done, the shed turned out amazing – we are so proud of it! 

If you come over to see my house, it will be the project I am most excited to show you!

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